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did george washington really look like his image on the dollar bill? to find out, mount vernon launched a forensic examination. a dream team of scientists, historians, and artists searched for ev... ()
concussions in football and other sports fill news reports every week. athletes, coaches, and parents are left wondering what to think. in this live interactive program, carla killough mcclaffert... ()
most people have heard the name marie curie, but few know what she actually did or why she is famous. in this live interactive program, carla killough mcclafferty, author of something out of nothi... ()
computers are part of our everyday lives-for communicating, for research, for ordering books, pizza and more. students today can’t imagine a world without computers or that our smart phones are ma... ()
x-rays are commonplace today, but when they were discovered the idea of seeing the bones of a living person was frightening. in this live interactive program carla killough mcclafferty, radiologic... ()
first through third grade students are familiar with skeletons they see around halloween. this program is an introduction to the science behind x-rays. in this live interactive program carla kill... ()
uplands school 145 middle bench road south penticton bc v2a 8s7 carla garrett canada ()
did you know there was an american holocaust rescuer who saved more lives than the well-known oskar schindler? or that among the 2000 people whose lives he saved were marc chagall, max ernst, jac... ()
want your students to learn how to read for knowledge and write powerfully about the real world? why not learn from authors who do this for a living? the award-winning children's nonfiction author... ()

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