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The RUS DLT Grant is Approaching

United State Department of Agriculture (USDA) + Rural Utilities Service (RUS) =
RUS DLT (Rural Utilities Service Distance Learning & Telemedicine) Grant

Information provided by

Andrew Knox


Hillary Janison

Andrew Knox

Sr. Grant Development Manager
Phone: 512-551-3077

Hillary Janison

Sales Business Development Manager
Grant Strategy Team, Cisco
Phone: 425-443-8970

Since the USDA has not posted the new guidelines for this fiscal year and changes are likely to occur, the information presented here is based on previous years’ experience.

The DLT supports projects in highly rural and economically disadvantage locations to develop and expand distance learning and telemedicine capacity through the acquisition of equipment, instructional programming, and technical assistance for using eligible equipment.

AMOUNT AWARDED: $50 – 500k

MATCHING DOLLARS REQUIRED: A minimum of 15% match is required, but a 50% match is recommended for a competitive application

APPLICATION DEADLINE: TBD for 2013: Awaiting appropriation from Congress. Estimated time is May-June 2013.

WHO CAN APPLY: Applicants must be legally organized as an incorporated organization or partnership; an Indian tribe or tribal organization; a consortium; or other legal entity, including a private corporation organized on a for-profit or not-for-profit basis.


  • local education agencies (LEAs)
  • education service centers
  • hospitals
  • higher education institutions
  • workforce investment boards
  • tribal organizations
  • education and training providers
  • health care providers
  • faith-based community organizations

Organizations must currently deliver or propose to deliver distance learning or telemedicine services for the term of the grant. Considerable success has been seen with individual school districts and formal and informal consortiums. The keys for demographics in this grant are rurality and impoverishment.

Distance Learning

  • Sharing teachers between different educational facilities
  • Dual credit, advance placement distance learning classes
  • Vocational training and certification
  • Community outreach and education
  • Foreign languages distance learning courses


  • Connecting specialists in urban areas to rural clinics and hospitals
  • School based health centers

The following documents provide more information in graphic formats.

Tips for Writing Proposals
Proposal Scoring
Process for Proposal Development










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