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Program Flyer: Innovations and Inventions: Science and Technology along the Silk Road

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Content Provider   Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center  2010-11 Honorable Mention
Contact Information   Eveline Yang
Ballantine Hall 542A
1020 N. Kirkwood Road
Bloomington, IN  47405
United States
Phone: (812) 856-1126
Fax: (812) 855-8667
Program Type   Individual Program
Program Rating      based on 8 evaluation(s).
Target Audience   Education: Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12, Parent, Adult Learners, Public Library: Library Patrons
Maximum Number of Participants   40
Minimum Number of Participants   5
Primary Disciplines   Gifted & Talented, Health/Physical Education, International, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies/History, Technology/Information Science
Program Description   This program engages students to consider the many contributions to math, medicine, science and technology pioneered in Central Eurasia during the period known as the "middle ages."

At the time, the silk road did more than just link Europe to Central Asia and other parts of the world - it brought Europeans many inventions and scientific breakthroughs from the far corners of the Islamic world. Many of remain important even today.
Program Format   1. This program opens with students discussing recent innovations and what drives innovation in the modern world.
2. We then briefly introduce the historical context of medieval Eurasia.
3. We discuss some of the major inventions, scientists, and thinkers medieval Central Eurasia.
4. We end with a discussion of some of the factors in this innovation 'boom' and how the Golden Age of Islam relates to the Islamic world today.
5. Additional time will be reserved for questions and answers
Objectives   Participants will
a) develop a greater understanding of the contributions of ancient Muslim thinkers and scholars to modern math and science;
b) critically analyze reasons why the Islamic world and Central Eurasia became centers of scholarship during the Golden Age of Islam;
c) discuss the reasons for the rise and fall of innovation power in any society
National/Common Core Standards to which this program aligns   N/A
State/Regional Standards to which this program aligns   N/A
Program Length   40-60 minutes
By Request   This program is available by request ONLY
Date/Time Notes   Our Center is located on a university campus and cannot accept requests during winter and summer breaks. Please allow two weeks' notice for scheduling purposes.
Program Cost   Multipoint Cost: $0.00
Multipoint Cost with Premium Service: $0.00 What's this?
By Request Cost: $0.00
By Request Cost with Premium Service: $0.00 What's this?
Program Fee Notes   Our Center is a Title VI National Resource Center funded by US tax dollars. Our content is provided free of charge to US institutions.
Cancellation Policy   Our program is provided free of charge and there is no cancellation fee. However, we rely on the volunteer hours of students and faculty to make these programs available, and we appreciate your consideration in cancelling programs as promptly as possible.
Is recording allowed?   No
Recording Notes   Recording is permitted with prior approval from content provider.
Program Delivery Mode(s)   Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)
Minimum Technology Specifications for sites connecting to this provider   Our programs rely on a combination of live presentation and slides/maps/photographs. Partners should ensure that their VC system allows for dual-presentation mode.

Partners should also specify in their request whether they wish to dial in to us, or whether we will dial in to their system, and whether they require a conference bridge.

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