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Geography 20 Questions (aka "Mystery Skype")


We are located in NEW YORK STATE, USA and we are always looking to connect/collaborate with other classes around the globe! Typically, our first connection is a Geography 20 Questions (also commonly known as Mystery Skype) connection because it's a fun way to introduce both classes while practicing questioning skills and geography. Then any subsequent connections/collaborations can be determined along the way. Sometimes it's just a "one and done" Mystery Skype/Geography 20 Questions connection, which is fine too! The Mystery Skype/Geography 20 Questions program format typically looks like this: 1. Each class will take turns asking geography questions to narrow down each other's location. Even if this is a connection between classes in the USA, we STILL start by trying to narrow down the country... then we can continue by narrowing down the state. Students should ask YES/NO questions to try to locate one another ("Is your country in the northern hemisphere?" and "Does your state border an ocean?" for example). 2. After both schools successfully locate one another, if there is time, we would love it if the children could have a general conversation and question/answer session about one another’s schools, communities, weather, culture, etc. And if the teachers would like to continue the relationship by connecting and collaborating throughout the school year, that would be awesome too. No obligation, but just something to consider :) WE DO NOT USE SKYPE for these connections due to restrictions in our regions. We use Zoom which is excellent video conferencing software. I have a Zoom room link and I am always happy to host. I would always encourage any partner teacher to test it out first to make sure it works on their end. If you are interested in connecting with us this school year (for us, that would be from September 2019 through June 2020, typically between the hours of 7:30am and 3:30pm EST (GMT-5 or GMT-4, depending on the time of year)), please fill this form out and I will reach out to you when I find a partner class: PLEASE ONLY FILL THIS FORM OUT IF YOU HAVE A CLASS WITH STUDENTS (up to age 18). While we see great value in connecting with individuals, at this point, we are only connecting with classes of other students. Thank you!! Kristin Edwards Distance Learning Specialist Center for Instruction, Technology & Innovation (CITI) Twitter/Insta: @CiTiKristin


September 2019 - June 2020


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Sandra Janack

Sandra Janack

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We are a class of 5th graders, looking to do a Mystery Skype type activity. We are also using Zoom now for distance learning, so the students are very well versed in this platform.

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We are looking for a classroom to Mystery Skype with (without the skype!)

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We will Zoom with you!