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How did the Coronavirus affect you? (International cultural-exchange "Zoom" videoconference)


We are a group of schools in Hong Kong and China looking for other schools around the world to videoconference (zoom), specifically to see how the Coronavirus has affected them. During the videoconference (zoom), individual children will first present different aspects of their lives, then we will move towards how the Coronavirus has affected their everyday lives. In China, for example, different villages have barricaded themselves, preventing any outsiders from going in or out (villagers normally send a representative to buy food and everyday goods on their behalf). We encourage the presenters to share video and photos to help others get a "feel". What makes this videoconference so special is that we may be able to get residents from Hubei (the Coronavirus "ground zero") to help share their experiences. This is a rare opportunity and we hope that other schools will be interested. * These videoconferences are free.


March 2020 - June 2020


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