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Mystery Number Video Conference


Mystery Number - each class chooses a number (Perhaps 1-10 for a K class' first video conference). Each class takes turns asking greater than/less than questions until they pinpoint the "Secret Number"!


September 2020 - April 2021


Seeking Partners

People interested in collaborating

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Beth Lester

Beth Lester

Beth can provide

We are an elementary school. Specifically, I have a K teacher looking for classroom collaborations. She would like to start with a Mystery Number session.

Beth looking for

Interesting learning experiences for students in grades K-5.

Additional information

Our school/district uses Google Meet to connect.

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Linda Wallace

Linda Wallace

Linda can provide

We are experienced with Zoom. We are currently in the classroom, not at home. We can help with collaboration ideas as well. For example, we are part of the NASA "Tomatosphere" project, planting tomato seeds from space and control seeds that did not go to space. Would be cool to compare results from a different area. We could do a "guess the animal" with yes/no questions from maybe 10 different animals. We could listen to animal sounds and guess the animal or list differences between 2 animals.

Linda looking for

I am a volunteer with Villas Elementary School in Fort Myers, FL, in Eastern time zone. Our fabulous teacher is Maddie Prysi. We are a diverse and enthusiastic class of 18 kindergartners. We would love to collaborate! Looking to engage and excite our kids about learning and meet new people. Like to instill collaboration and cooperation skills.

Additional information

We prefer Zoom, but are open to other software.