America’s Story Through Art Lesson 5: America Diversifying: 1945-2000

by  Cleveland Museum of Art

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By examining American art and artifacts from the CMA’s collection, this series promotes discussion on America’s national character and heritage.

The empowerment of various segments of American society from the post-war period and beyond forms the major focus for this lesson. Students will be asked to discuss such themes as civil rights, changing gender roles, the rise of the consumer, the decline of social hierarchy and the impact of technology on American life and art. An in-program viewing guide provides an interactivity for students to design their own symbols for these developments.

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Arielle Levine

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1. Introduce major themes of the lesson.
2. Discuss social conditions surrounding Abstract Expressionism.
3. Discuss the growth of suburbia and effect on cities.
4. Discuss blurring of boundaries in society and art.
5. Discuss empowerment of formerly disenfranchised citizens.
6. Discuss imagery related to the role of women, consumerism, and technology.
7. Discuss works that demonstrate expanding viewpoints in the later 20th century.


1. Students will be able to explain major domestic developments after 1945.
2.Students will be able to trace social unrest, protest and change in the United States.
3.Students will be able to analyze the origins, major developments, controversies and consequences of the civil rights movement.
4.Students will be able to explain how the United States has been affected politically, economically and socially by its multicultural diversity.