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Slavery at The Hermitage

from Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

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To many, if not all, historians Andrew Jackson was one of the most significant and powerful presidents in our nation’s history. Yet his legacy is tarnished by the fact that at one point Andrew Jackson owned 150 slaves who lived and worked at The Hermitage. Enslaved hands built the very bricks of The Hermitage’s mansion. How could a man who would become president buy slaves? What was their purpose? And what were their lives like in comparison to the Jacksons, their owners? In this education program, students will be able to examine these issues and more as we discuss slavery at The Hermitage.

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45-60 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Minimum participants:

There is no minimum

Maximum participants:

There is no maximum, but for optimum interactivity, we suggest no more than 30 students.

Primary Disciplines

Social Studies/History

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Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

Hermitage, TN
United States

The Hermitage is the home of President Andrew Jackson, 7th President of the United States, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Erin Adams

Program Details


1. Program begins by exploring the spread of slavery.
2. Program continues with how slavery became such an attractive option for plantation owners - and why they fought so hard to keep the system in place.
3. Program discusses the differences/similarities between the North and South in regard to slavery.
4. Program discusses what life would have been like at The Hermitage for the Enslaved Community.


The student will:

-Examine historical information from a variety of sources, including museum and library collections, letters, maps, documents, oral histories, firsthand accounts, and web sites.
-Analyze documentation to discover the causes and effects of slavery at The Hermitage, in the South, and on the United States.
-Understand, through dialogue, discussion, and primary sources, how slavery could ever have happened in a nation built on liberty and justice for all.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

U.S. History
Understands the institutions and practices of government created during the Revolution and how they were revised between 1787 and 1815 to create the foundation of the American political system based on the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

U.S. History

Understands how the industrial revolution, increasing immigration, the rapid expansion of slavery, and the westward movement changed the lives of Americans and led toward regional tensions.
Understands the extension, restriction, and reorganization of political democracy after 1800.
Understands the sources and character of cultural, religious, and social reform movements in the antebellum period.

U.S. History

Understand the causes of the Civil War.