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William Shakespeare. His life and History as well as his plays( New lower Price)

from Touch the Sky Ltd (England)

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A lesson or a series of three lessons to study and understand the writings and the Background of William Shakespeare. This is a lesson that looks at the man and his life in a Country ruled by Queen Elizabeth the First. We will explore the London of those days and the English way of life ,so that we can gain an understanding of his Language and how the life in those days influenced his wrtings. We will see images of old London and discuss the influence of the Royal Court
We will read his poetry together, we will hear how he lived and how his life changed Literature. We will also find out about the Globe Theatre. We will find out about films and Plays that have used Shakespeare in different ways and the Actors who have portrayed his plays.

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The session is 50 minutes long or shorter for the younger age groups.

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Touch the Sky Ltd (England)

Worthing, West Sussex
United Kingdom

Touch the Sky offers Interactive Learning and therapy using Video Conferencing Technology. It can work with those that have Special needs as well as the gifted and has a Database of Teachers and therapists including Speech and Language therapists, Physio therapists and Play therapists as well as experts and Teachers of all Subjects. It also offers Training and Continuing Professional Development work It excells in Performing Arts as well. The Work is in Real time and has Quality Assurance to ensure Good Practise.

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This Programme will begin with the Story of William Shakespeare, We will hear who he was , the Historical Context of his life, his influence. We will then discuss the Globe Theatre and his Plays and then we will hear about Actors who have played his Major Roles. Then we will do some Readings out loud and maybe some Role Play


To gain an Understanding of William Shakespeare
To get to know his Words and Characters.
To enjoy his Plays by investigating more.
To Participate as a class

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Develop an Understanding of the Person who Shakespeare was and why he was so Influential. His words and his Inspiration.
Also gain knowledge of London life at that time and the historical context of who he was

State Standards

All Key Stages 1,2,3,4,5 and all Grades.
History Curriculum National Standards
Personal and Social Health Curriculum
Literature Core Subject
Writing/ Creative
Language and Grammar
Art all Levels
Drama Performing Arts WJEC

Music WJEC
English Speaking Board