It's OUR War, Too! American Women in WWII

by  The National WWII Museum

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When Americans were called to action, women "did their part" despite stereotyping and discrimination. The war spurred many women to enter the workforce for the first time, all while managing a household alone and upholding wartime duties. Women answered the call of Uncle Sam and enlisted in military auxiliary groups, fulfilling critical roles stateside and abroad. Hear accounts from real Rosie the Riveters and women near the battle fronts. Visit the Hollywood Stage Door Canteen and discover how starlets, singers, and celebrities lifted the spirits of our troops. Learn about the lasting legacy of women's contribution to the war effort.

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The National WWII Museum

New Orleans, LA
United States

The National WWII Museum, designated by Congress as "America's World War II Museum," explores the American experience of the war years, focusing on the teamwork, optimism, courage, and sacrifice of the men and women who won the war. It promotes the exploration and expression of these values by future generations. Programs involve exploration of the history and lessons of the war, via analyses of primary sources.

Maddie Roach

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1. Students will examine how women were stereotyped before the war and how this affected their participation in the war.
2. We will look at reasons why women contributed to the war effort.
3. Then we'll examine the roles, activities, jobs for women on the home front and near battle fronts
4. We'll take a look at Hollywood's contribution to the war, stage door canteens, USO shows, and war bond drives, and how starlets entertained the troops
5. Finally, we'll look at the lasting legacy of women's involvement in WWII


• Demonstrate the critical contributions of women during WWII on both the home front and battlefront.
• Provide personal accounts of women and their war experiences
• Display the prejudices and discrimination of women, especially minority women in the workplace and military, and how women succeeded despite common myths and challenges.
• Show the importance of female contributions of the war and set the stage for post war American women.

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