The Holocaust: One Teen's Story of Persecution and Survival

by  The National WWII Museum

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Hear personal testimony from Eva Schloss, stepsister of Anne Frank and survivor of Auschwitz. Through video recorded selections of Eva's story from the Museum's oral history collection, students will encounter the physical and emotional ordeal of going into hiding, being captured by the SS and sent to the largest concentration camp in the Third Reich. Students will understand the necessity of exploring this topic even as we approach 70 years after the war's end.

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There is no maximum, but for optimum interactivity, we suggest no more than 30 students.

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Character Education, Problem Solving, Social Studies/History

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Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...)

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The National WWII Museum

New Orleans, LA
United States

The National WWII Museum, designated by Congress as "America's World War II Museum," explores the American experience of the war years, focusing on the teamwork, optimism, courage, and sacrifice of the men and women who won the war. It promotes the exploration and expression of these values by future generations. Programs involve exploration of the history and lessons of the war, via analyses of primary sources.

Maddie Roach

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1. Begins with rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany
2. Nazi Germany's antisemetic policies toward Jews
3. Nuremburg Laws, establishment of Jewish ghettos
4. Going into hiding and transportation of Jews to concentration and extermination camps
5. Liberation from camps
6. Discussion of the legacy of the Holocaust, and how we can prevent future atrocities from occurring.


1. Explore WWII artifacts, gaining insight on racial ideology, antisemetic, and the experiences within the camps.
2. Analyze primary sources including archival video, maps, photographs, etc. related to the Holocaust
3. View an in-depth personal account of an Auschwitz survivor and her life before, during and after the war.
4. Understand the Holocaust was a violation of human rights, killing millions of innocent people during WWII. Students will come away knowing how and why it happened, and with the awareness of how to prevent prejudice and hatred from spreading in their communities.

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