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Come one, come all, if you dare. Spiders, spiders, EVERYWHERE! This interactive lesson is perfect for fall holiday integration. PreK-K students will enjoy music, literature, and science all wrapped into 1 fun and interactive lesson. Spider Insider includes activities that practice letter recognition, rhyming words, sorting /classifying, and fine motor skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these creepy crawlers with a bad reputation!

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Multipoint: $85.00

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2. We can add the additional shipping cost to the program total ($24.95)


45-60 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Pre-K Students, Kindergarten

Minimum participants:


Maximum participants:


Primary Disciplines

Language Arts/English, Literacy, Problem Solving, Reading, Sciences, Technology/Information Science

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This is a special multipoint connection offered in the fall of each school year for preK and KDG students.

Sorry, this program is not currently available. To inquire about future availability, please contact Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center

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Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center

Zanesville, OH
United States

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Leslie Charles

Program Details


1.Program begins by showing students the letter “s” and discussing the sound it makes
2.Group discussion/brainstorm “How are spiders and insects different?”
3.Story time – I knew an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly
4.Identify rhyming words
5.Identify and recall story order
6.Sorting/classification activity


As a result of this interactive lesson, students will:
1. Recall and describe the difference between a spiders and insects.
2. Identify the letter S and the sound that it makes.
3. Identify words that begin with the letter S

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Early Learning and Development Standards
Domain: Language and Literacy Development
Strand: Listening and Speaking
Topic: Receptive Language and Comprehension

Follow two-step directions or requests.

Strand: Reading
Topic: Reading Comprehension
Older Toddler (16-36 months)

Demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of stories and information in books.
Use pictures to describe and predict stories and information in books.

Topic: Reading Comprehension

Ask and answer questions, and comment about characters and major events in familiar stories.
Retell or re-enact familiar stories.
Identify characters and major events in a story.

Topic: Phonological Awareness

With modeling and support, recognize and produce rhyming words.

Topic: Letter and Word Recognition

With modeling and support, recognize and name some upper and lower case letters in addition to those in first name.
With modeling and support, recognize the sounds associated with letters.

Domain: Physical Well-Being and Motor Development
Strand: Motor Development
Topic: Small Muscle: Touch, Grasp, Reach, Manipulate
Older Toddler (16-36 months)

Coordinate the use of arms, hands and fingers to accomplish tasks.

Use classroom and household tools independently with eye hand coordination to carry out activities.
Domain: Cognition and General Knowledge
Sub-Domain: Mathematics
Strand: Geometry
Topic: Spatial Relationships

Demonstrate understanding of the relative position of objects using terms such as in/on/under, up/down,
inside/outside, above/below, beside/between, in front of/behind and next to.

Sub-Domain: Science
Strand: Science Inquiry and Application
Topic: Inquiry

Describe, compare, sort, classify, and order.
Make predictions.
Share findings, ideas and explanations (may be correct or incorrect) through a variety of methods (e.g., pictures, words,

NT.K-12.4 Technology Communication Tools
• Students use telecommunications to collaborate, publish, and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.
• Students use a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences.