This Place Is Wet:Amazon Rain Forest by Vicki Cobb (CCSS and STEM aligned)

by  Authors on Call, iNK Think Tank

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Vicki Cobb's classic book about the Amazon rain forest, This Place Is Wet, is lushly illustrated by famed Alaskan artist Barbara Lavallee (Mama Do You Love Me?) Vicki and Barbara went to Manaus, cruised the Amazon in researching this book. Vicki will share from the book, show photos of the area and give you some hands-on activities on two of the region's most popular exports. Find out how you can roast a marshmallow with a nut! Really! A free book will be sent to you after you book the program.

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two classes--60 students

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Language Arts/English, Literacy, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Problem Solving, Reading, Sciences, Social Studies/History, Writing

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The Common Core State Standards have focused attention on process and using nonfiction in the classroom. Our Authors on Call from iNK Think Tank embody the CCSS. This team uses their extraordinary breadth of knowledge to transform today's classrooms into vital centers of learning. These authors are experts in processing enormous amounts of information, sifting through it and synthesizing it into works with added value. So why not talk to these masters of 21st century skillsand let them unpack their process for your students? They are eager to share their knowledge with you and to help you inspire your students with books kids love to read about subjects you're required to teach. So far our authors include Jan Adkins, Vicki Cobb,  Roxie Munro, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent,Carla Killough McClafferty, Kerrie Hollihan, Aline Alexander Newman, David M. Schwartz, Alexandra Siy,  Peggy Thomas, Marissa Moss, Jan Adkins, and Andrea Warren. Keep coming back as we add more authors and new programs.

Vicki Cobb

Program Details


Vicki Will share a slide show of pictures from the Amazon and their relation to the art.

She will tell some anecdotes of her trip to Manaus Brazil and the Amazon.
She will tell the story of the Brazil nut tree mystery
The children will do an experiment with rubber..
She will whet their appetite for a follow-up activity where kids learn how and why they can roast marshmallows with a nut.


Students will have an understanding of how over-riding climate affects the lives of the plants, animals and people who live in a region.

They will come to appreciate the rain forest as a place that has the most diverse and interdependent life forms on earth.

They may be motivated to join in some project to help save the rain forest from destruction.

Students will understand that humans can have a profound influence on the future well-being of the planet as a place where we want to live.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Science as Inquiry
Physical Science,
Life Science,
English/ Reading for Perspective,
English/ Reading for Understanding ,
Measurement/ Apply Appropriate Techniques,
Tools, and Formulas to Determine Measurements , Earth and Space Science ,
Science in Personal and Social Perspectives , History and Nature of Science

Also, Vicki is prepared to show how this book is aligned with CCSS standards for main idea, supporting evidence, craft and construction.