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Milk: From the Dairy to your Door (FREE)

from Farm Academy Live

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Students are introduced to a local dairy farmer and his role as a producer and the caretaker of dairy cattle. Participants will get the opportunity to see how a real dairy farm in Hanford, California operates on a day-to-day basis. They will travel through the lesson alongside the presenter from the day a calf is born to the moment is becomes a dairy cow and begins producing milk. The students will be taught about the most popular breed of dairy cattle, the nutritional food necessary to keep cows healthy and producing milk as well as how a dairy cow digests her food. Students will then be introduced to milk processing methods, both past and present. They will ultimately witness how milk travels from the cow to the carton in the grocery store.

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Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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Primary Disciplines

Social Studies/History, Family & Consumer Science, Language Arts/English, Mathematics, Sciences, Literacy, Problem Solving Agriculture

Program Delivery Mode

Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Zoom, Skype, iChat, Vidyo, Movi/Jabber, Blue Jeans, etc...)

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About This Provider

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Farm Academy Live

Hanford, CA
United States

Farm Academy Live provides students with the opportunity to experience firsthand agricultural processing methods through interactive video conferencing. It is built to meet Common Core State Standards k-5 and makes information accessible and understandable for auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. The programs offered are interactive, innovative and engaging.

Eileen De Raadt

Program Details


1. Introduction
2. Video, meet a local dairyman and learn about his occupation
3. Life Cycle, from calf to cow
4. Feed and Nutrition, hands-on activity
5. Cow’s digestive system
6. Past milk processing methods
7. Current milk processing methods
8. Dairy/Non- Dairy products game
9. Time is allotted for questions and answers

NOTE: Samples of cow feed including; rolled corn, cotton seeds, and alfalfa hay will be sent in the mail for the hands-on activity portion. If a student has food allergies please take precautions as necessary. We ask that you DO NOT tell the students what the items are. We want them to investigate what a cows diet consists and think critically when describing the feed.


The participant will be able to:
-Understand how a calf becomes a cow
-Understand how and why cows lactate
-Identify the most popular breed of dairy cattle in the United States
-Identify what a dairyman does for a living
-Develop an appreciation for the dairy industry
-Identify what a cow eats
-Observe current milk processing methods
-Compare and contrast past and present milk processing methods
-Identify who discovered pasteurization
-Understand the processes of pasteurization
-Understand technological advances in milk processing
-Identify the difference between dairy and non-dairy products
-Describe the process milk takes from the cow to the carton

Standards Alignment

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