Museum Educator Series: Using Traveling Trunks for Educational Programming

by  Creative Learning Factory

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Museums provide children with experiences above and beyond the everyday and can instantly change the dynamics of the usual learning environment. Unfortunately, field trips to museums are not always an option for schools but incorporating educational artifacts and objects into the classroom with a traveling trunk program can offer some of the same benefits. In this webinar participants will learn about how to develop their own traveling trunk program or how to improve one that is already in place. Participants will also learn how to connect their traveling trunk program to other programs to create full educational packages to the schools they serve.

In addition to her work as a Creative Learning Engineer with the Creative Learning Factory, Becki Trivison is the administrator of the Museum in a Box traveling trunk program at the Ohio Historical Society. The Museum in a Box program is designed to enhance new Learning Standards in Social Studies and is targeted for students at the elementary and middle school grade levels. Becki has been successfully working to improve the quality of the program in order to meet teachers’ needs and support the importance of object-based learning and inquiry in the classroom.

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Education: Curriculum Director, Professional Development Director, Principal, Teacher(s)/Educator(s), Administrator Museum Professionals Public Library: Library Staff Content Providers: Educator, Administrator

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To view a recording of this webinar, please visit http://www.creativelearningfactory.org/programming/previous-webinars If you're not able to participate in the live webinar session, a link for the webinar recording will be made available for all registered participants. Recordings will be viewable and available after the date of the webinar.

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Sohayla Pagano and Becki Trivison

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Live, Interactive Webinar


Share skills and ideas for building a successful traveling trunk program.