Program Flyer: Don't Get Duped: Critical Thinking, by Author Heather L. Montgomery

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Contact Information
Heather L. Montgomery
302 Pondside Drive
White Plains, NY  10607
Phone: (256) 426-5871
Program Title
Don't Get Duped: Critical Thinking, by Author Heather L. Montgomery
Program Type
Individual Program
Program Rating
This program has not yet been evaluated.
Target Audience
Education: Grade(s) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8Public Library: Library Staff
Maximum Number of Participants
Minimum Number of Participants
No Minimum
Primary Disciplines
Sciences, Character Education, Technology/Information Science, Literacy, Writing, Reading, Gifted & Talented
Program Description
Kidlit nonfiction author Heather L.
Montgomery shares examples from the animal and kidlit world of intentional
and unintentional falsifications, examples that help student’s expand their ability to evaluate sources of information. Stories of a fish who is duped by the allure
of a lure which eventually explodes in its mouth, a human who jumped on the Big Foot bandwagon too quickly, a mother meerkat who is duped into
dropping her baby’s lunch by warning from a seemingly trustworthy source. The stories help students wrestle with logical fallacies, confirmation
bias, and the process of fact-checking. 
Students should be prepared with paper and writing utensil. The session includes a short writing exercise. 
Program Format
1. Program begins with engaging examples of animals that dupe one another for various reasons
2 Students hear stories and evaluate the techniques of trickery being utilized
3 Students compare techniques used in the natural world to those used in the human world
4 Students learn how the author has ferreted out the truths from the rumors during research for books
5 Students create their own statements and evaluate those of others for clues of deceit
6 Question and answer period as time allows
Students will explore the motivation behind false claims.
Students will evaluate specific claims.
Students will assess the reasoning behind a claim.
National/Common Core Standards to which this program aligns
CCSS Litaracy Standards Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text...
State/Regional Standards to which this program aligns
Program Length
45-60 minutes
Program Cost
Point to Point: $300.00
Point to Point Premium: $300.00
Program Fee Notes
Cancellation Policy
We make every effort to rebook. We will not charge for cancellation due to nature (i.e. snow days); however, other cancellations with less than a two day notice will incur a $100.00 kill fee.
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Program Delivery Mode(s)
Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Zoom, Skype, iChat, Vidyo, Movi/Jabber, Blue Jeans, etc...)

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