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Great Horned Owl Soap Opera

from International Owl Center

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First Victor evicted Wendell and Wheezy from their own
territory. Then Wheezy got sick and died
so Victor and Virginia ran Wendell off. When Rusty and Iris moved in, Scarlett Owl Hara showed up to try to
steal Rusty and kill Alice. Virginia died, Hagar and Helga moved in, Helga disappeared and Jill left Jack for Hagar. After Hagar disappeared, Lilith showed up and attacked Jill. If this sounds like a soap opera, it is! But it’s a real life, true as true can be owl soap opera that has taken place
just outside of Houston, Minnesota and has formed the basis for an in-depth
vocal study on Great Horned Owls.

Get the inside scoop on this ongoing owl drama in a
presentation that involves audio recordings and video footage of these
owls. Alice or Ruby the Great Horned Owl
will be present to share their part of the story.

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International Owl Center

Houston, MN
United States

The International Owl Center is the only owl education center in the United States. It works to make the world a better place for owls by educating, inspiring, and empowering people.

Karla Bloem

Program Details


1. We give some background information about the International Owl Center and Karla's interest in owls.
2. Participants are taken on a whirlwind journey through the different wild and captive owls we have heard.
3. We will talk about various Great Horned Owl noises and what they mean.
4. There will be a visit from one of our ambassador owls.
5. Plenty of time for questions.


Participants will:
Realize owls have fascinating lives just like us
Learn some different owl noises