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Science of Sound by Fizzics Education - STEM

from CILC Virtual Expeditions

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Students will investigate exactly how sound works in this engaging workshop that makes sound a tangible concept that students can understand. The content specifically looks at:
- amplitude and wavelength.
- the relationship between sound waves and pitch/volume.
- resonance and implications for building design.
- the doppler effect.
- transfer of sound through different mediums.

The general flow of the show is as follows:
1. We discuss sound as a vibration with your class. Your class participates in the experiment 'coathanger gong'.
2. We run through a number of demonstrations based on vibration in different materials. Students will notice changes in pitch as the shaking objects slow down. Your class participates in the experiment 'balloon and nut hummer'.
3. Discussion of the properties of sound waves. Your class participates in the 'Slinky Shake' experiment.
4. We use an iPad connected to the VC system to demonstrate an oscilloscope. Your students interact with the oscilloscope.
5.Your class participates in creating 'straw flutes' and experiment with them to change their pitch.
6. We demonstrate resonance and its implications to building design.
7. We explore the doppler effect and what happens to sound waves during the doppler effect

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45 minutes - 30 minute program plus 15 minutes for Q & A

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Education: Grade(s) 4, 5, 6

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