Antisemitism Awareness-What is Antisemitism and How can it be Stopped?

by  ISRAED-(Formerly JETS-Jerusalem EdTech)

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Unfortunately, baseless hatred of different races and religions is once again permeating our society. With the presence of social media the spreading of misinformation is easier then ever before, and therefore it is incumbent upon us to educate towards understanding and acceptance.

Anti-semitism, the baseless hatred of the Jewish people, has existed from Biblical times until the present. At times anti-semitism was rooted in religious beliefs and at other times it was used as tool of scapegoating. Whether it be accusations that Jews caused the Black Death in the Middle Ages or that Jews killed non Jewish children to use their blood on Passover, these wild ideas took hold and resulted in blood shed. Of course the culmination of this phenomenon was the Holocaust.

In this session we will learn of the origins of anti-semitism and how it manifests today. We will discuss the dangers of this behavior and how we as responsible “global citizens” must not be accepting of this conduct.

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ISRAED-(Formerly JETS-Jerusalem EdTech)

jerusalem, Israel

ISRAED is a non profit organization based in Jerusalem dedicated to providing quality live distance learning sessions on topics relating to Israel/Holocaust/Judaism. Our Jerusalem location provides us with faculty and resources that that enhance the presentation and enable the audience to have access to information and insights that would otherwise not be availble to them.

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Presentation is a combination/power point and video clips presented by a knowledgeable expert in the field


The objectives of the program are:
To define Antisemitism
To become acquainted with the history of Anti Antisemitism