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Los Angeles to Mexico City Live!

from Banyan Global Learning

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Students assist Tiffany as she decides whether to take a new job in Los Angeles. Tiffany shows them what transportation, lodging, and food shopping looks like in Mexico City as she walks with them on a tour of her neighborhood. Meanwhile, her friend and colleague Travis shows what Tiffany can expect to be able to afford for the same things in Los Angeles. Students are actively engaged in the process, doing conversions and providing insight to Tiffany to help her determine her budget and ability to take her new offer, with double the salary of her old one!

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Point to Point: $199.00


45 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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Primary Disciplines

Economics/Business, Mathematics

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Banyan Global Learning

Los Angeles, CA
United States

BGL’s virtual field trips are changing the way education is delivered, to meet the demands of our connected world and to create globally-minded, innovative students, empowered with 21st-century skills. Teachers who are passionate student advocates can use Field Trips Live to bring students anywhere and talk to anyone. The service is especially suited for career exploration whereby students can visit worksites and interview experts they would otherwise not have access to. We’re not quite The Magic Schoolbus, but we’re close. Bring your curriculum alive in ways that were not previously possible.

Patricia Reiter

Program Details


This program begins with an introduction to the hosts who drive the story.
We then explore Mexico City in live time, with our host showing the housing, transportation, and shopping.
A second host shows the relative counterparts in Los Angeles.
Students do conversions and budget adjustments in order to provide an opinion as to whether the new salary is enough to make the move.
Students give their final recommendation.
Time for questions and answers.


Students will be able to compare the relative costs of living between cities in two different countries.
Students can do conversions in order to identify the differences in values of two currencies.
Students identify cost of living as a factor for where to live and work.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

MATH -- CCSS.MATH.K.MP.1 -- Mathematical Practices
MATH -- CCSS.MATH.K.MP.5 -- Mathematical Practices