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Northern California and Shasta County became a center point during the California Gold Rush. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is rich with this history. It has since been a focal point for the Central Valley Project and a family friendly recreation area in Northern California. We will take a look into how this area became so quickly populated, what happened to towns like Whiskeytown, and why this has been a popular spot throughout history.

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Sciences, Social Studies/History

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Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Whiskeytown, CA
United States

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is a 42,000 acre site located in Northern California, 10 miles from Redding. We have diverse ecosystems ranging from oak scrubland to dense coniferous forests. Our elevation ranges from about 600 feet (200 meters) and climbs to over 6000 feet (2000 meters). This all creates an incredible location for a huge range in plants and wildlife and recreation opportunities. Whiskeytown's virtual programs serve the National Park Service mission by helping others enjoy these lands and by teaching about the unique ecosystems, geology and history. Join us in real time with a ranger to learn about Whiskeytown!

Please contact us if you have any questions about program topics or making programs accessible for all participants.

At this time our virtual programs are on rather limited due to limited staffing and moving into our summer visitation season. We look forward to hosting regular virtual programs again in September!

Tyler Compton

Program Details


1. "Where's the Whiskey? Where's the town?" begins with a brief introduction to Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and the presenting ranger.
2. First we will discuss first people of the area and the discovery of gold in Shasta County.
3. Next we cover the boom and bust gold mining era at Whiskeytown.
4. After that we will go over our involvement in the Central Valley Project.
5. Finally we explore why Whiskeytown is such a popular place to this day.
6 Remaining time will be used answer any participant questions.


In this program participants will:
- learn about fishers, Pekania pennanti
- discover the adaptations that help fishers survive
- compare fishers to its close relatives
- learn about why the National Park Service protect fishers.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

ESS3C 3-5 -- Human impacts on Earth systems
LS4A 3-5 -- Evidence of common ancestry and diversity