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Explore the science of chemical and physical reactions using simple materials you can find at home or the grocery store. We’ll explore the scientific properties of lava lamps such as hydrophobicity, density, and convection. With the help of a Michigan Science Center educator, students will build their own lava lamps, create colorful explosions, and discuss what happens when water and oil are forced to mix together.

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50 minutes

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This program begins by introducing students to lava lamps and asking questions about the scientific properties of the liquids inside. Next, students will observe and participate in a series of chemistry experiments with the help of the presenter, while deciding whether each one was an example of a chemical or physical change based on what they have learned about the atoms and molecules involved in each. Finally, students will watch an exciting grand finale experiment, performed by the presenter.


The participant will...
- Be able to identify the components of a lava lamp, oil and water, and how they move
- Define a hydrophobic substance and a hydrophilic substance and give examples of each
- Compare chemical and physical changes as they relate to the arrangement of atoms and molecules
- Develop an appreciation for lab safety and protocols