What’s Your Musial Moment?

by  Educate.Today

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The St. Louis Sports Commission invites you to participate in an innovative program fostering civility, respect and selflessness among young people.  Inspired by the great Stan Musial, the organization is excited to offer video conference sessions of its exceptionally successful “Musial Moments” program designed to instill the qualities of sportsmanship on and off the field.  Presentations are led by Solomon Alexander, Director of the Sports Commission’s Sportsmanship Foundation.  Through a fun, interactive and impactful 45-minute session, Solomon motivates students to care about sportsmanship and to be good to those around them – just as Stan the Man did during his illustrious career and life.

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About This Program


Point to Point: $160.00
Point to Point Premium: $150.00
By Request: $160.00
By Request Premium: $150.00

*Fee waived for groups in the St. Louis Metropolitan Statistical Area of the following counties: Bond County, IL; Calhoun County, IL; Clinton County, IL; Jersey County, IL; Macoupin County, IL; Madison County, IL; Monroe County, IL; Saint Clair County, IL Franklin County, MO; Jefferson County, MO; Lincoln County, MO; Saint Charles County, MO; Saint Louis City, MO; Saint Louis County, MO; Warren County, MO.


45 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Homeschool/Family

Minimum participants:


Maximum participants:

There is no maximum number of participants but to maximize the program’s impact, sessions are available to groups of 50 or more. We invite you to enroll a group of any size 50+ that works best for you–multiple classes, grade level(s), sports team, student club, or the entire school. Please provide

Primary Disciplines

Character Education, Leadership, Social Studies/History

Program Delivery Mode


Booking Information

Program requests must be made no less than two weeks prior to your first desired date for live Q & A interaction. When enrolling, please let us know three possible dates and times you'd like to schedule this interaction.

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In the event of severe weather or other emergency preventing a scheduled videoconference session from occurring, Educate.Today and partner will reschedule the conference in a timely manner so that the educational collaboration may continue.

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Helen Headrick

Program Details


Presentation Elements Include:

• A history lesson on Stan Musial opening young eyes to his relevance, excellence, humility and generosity.
• A viewing of contemporary examples of extraordinary sportsmanship that inspire and uplift.
• An introspection of why we play sports and what matters on the playing field and in life.
• An interactive call to action for audience members to create their own Musial Moments – acts of kindness and selflessness that take place in competition or everyday life – all with the goal to help one another and make our community better.


Students will

1. build familiarity with qualities of sportsmanship.
2. develop a personal growth mindset.
3. learn accountability in applying the characteristics Stan Musial displayed on and off the field.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Grades 3-5: CCSS ELA CONTENT: RL.3.1/4.1/5.1, RL.3.3/4.3/5.3, RL.3.4/4.4/5.4, SL.3.1/4.1/5.1, SL.3.2/4.2/5.2

Grades 6-8: CCSS ELA CONTENT: RI.6.3/7.3/8.3, RI.6.7/7.7/8.7, SL.6.1/7.1/8.1, SL.6.2/7.2/8.2, SL.6.6/7.6/8.6

Grades 9-12: CCSS ELA CONTENT: RH.9-10.1/11-12.1, RH.9-10.2/11-12.2, RH.9-10.9/11-12.9, SL.9-10.1/11-12.1, SL.9-10.4/11-12.4