Student to World: Women's Rights

by  Global Nomads Group

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Student to World is an online course where youth learn about global issues from articles, videos, and stories created by students from around the world. The program explores a theme from a local to a global perspective, culminating with an action plan. Currently, the following themes are available: Global Hunger, Art in Action, Ocean Health, and Pandemic, Overcoming Bia, Mental Health, Sports, Women's Rights and Human Rights.

In Student to World: Women's Rights, teens explore womanhood through global beauty standards, gender roles, and the ways that women and girls from communities protect and support one another as they strive for equality around the world, and inspires youth to make small changes in their local communities to take action. Teens learn the interconnected nature of each individuals' actions and engage with local and global communities.

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~6-8 hours of content

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Education: Grade(s) 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Homeschool/Family , Learning Pod

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Primary Disciplines

International, Leadership, Reading, Social and Emotional Learning( SEL), Social Studies/History, Writing

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Canvas LMS

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GNG has a strong commitment to providing each and every student the opportunity to develop the global competency skills needed to be successful in our world regardless of a school's ability to pay. Our Student to World program is available to all youth participants and their educators/facilitators for FREE.

Should you need to pause or stop programming, we ask that you reach out to our dedicated staff who can support in amending your program schedule and providing alternative implementation options.

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Global Nomads Group

New York, NY
United States

Founded in 1998, the Global Nomads Group (GNG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to heightening children's understanding and appreciation for the world and its people. Global Nomads Group programs focus on storytelling, an interdisciplinary and powerful vehicle for young people to build empathy, global awareness, and action oriented skills. By exchanging their personal stories with one another, youth reflect on their families, cultures, communities, and contexts and allow them to make global issues personal, relevant, and actionable.

Jennifer Hawkins
+1 (917) 810-3885

Program Details


Student to World: Women's Rights is explored through 4 modules.

Module 1 #EverydayMirrors: Teens explore and share stories about the beauty standards for women in various communities around the world and connects them to women's rights.

Module 2 #EverydayLocalSheroes: Teens explore and share stories about how our communities teach certain gender expectations, how those affect women's rights inside and outside of that community, and what women inspire us in our communities.

Module 3 #EverydayGlobalSisterhood: Teens explore and share stories about women's rights around the world and how women of color face additional obstacles to their rights.

Module 4 #EverydayAction: Teens explore and design action plans for how they can address issues impacting women in their community.


-Examine the beauty standards in your own community and communities around the world
-Understand the concept of beauty standards
-Explore gender roles in your local community
-Reflect on individuals in your community who have challenged gender roles
-Consider the impact of social justice on women's rights around the world
-Explore the ways global movements for women's rights impact one another
-Set a goal to support women's rights
-Know how stories help connect us to one another.

1. Harness the power of their voice
2. Engage with difference
3. Experience deep empathy
4. Develop global awareness
5. Explore topics relevant and meaningful to their life

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Our program is aligned with the following standards:

-Asia Society Global Competencies

-CASEL’s Social & Emotional Learning

-United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

-English Language Proficiency

-English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

-National Arts Standards