Birds Fly Six Years Without Landing: Mermaid Chelsea Explores the Albatross

by  Fins Magazine

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Pull out your shorts and put on your flower leis; we are flying to Hawaii on Albatross Airlines!  Fins Magazine's Education Reporter will be live to teach us all about the albatross and hopefully catch a glimpse of one, which will be hard since they can fly up to six years without landing!

Mermaid Chelsea will share more fun facts like this interspersed with its history, lifecycle, environment, and role in biodiversity.  She will also be covering other topics, such as endangered status, factors impacting this status, and the importance of its role in biodiversity. Then, presenting solutions to reduce the human impacts on this majestic bird, we will discuss how we can each protect its fragile environment. Finally, we will conclude with time for questions and answers.

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STEM, Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English, Sciences, Problem Solving

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Fins Magazine

Gilbert, AZ
United States

Over 30,000 attended our first programs held on World Ocean Day 2021.  With five programs worldwide, we had mermaid reporters on location at aquariums, zoos, and rescue centers sharing educational topics supporting biodiversity.  Now we are on the CILC platform as an ongoing provider!  With professional educators of various backgrounds, our team can engage and educate children of all ages.

Fins Magazine is the world's leading mermaid magazine. A magazine that shares mermaids and all things mermaid, including safety, conservation, photography, education, and events.  The mermaid spirit of community, inclusivity, and acceptance is one very steeped in protecting our environment.

Fins Magazine believes that mermaids bring awareness and education to relevant environmental and social issues. A bridge between land and water, they can join the magic of fantasy and fiction with facts and science to educate our youth and, sometimes, even ourselves.

Fins Magazine has compiled an international team of professional mermaid educators to support our younger generations' social and environmental growth. Bringing content in their distinctive way, our reporters explore environmentally related subjects, engage in problem-solving, and identify actions to improve the environment.

Patricia Pastrano

Program Details


1. We begin by introducing our Education Reporter, their location, and what we are discussing.
2. Learn a word in sign language that relates to the lesson.
2. Learn about the Albatross history, species, lifecycles, habitat, endangered status and its role in biodiversity.
3. Discuss status of its environment and identify ways to reduce human impacts to its fragile role in biodiversity
4. Discuss ways that we can help restore the balance in our daily activities.
5. Conclude with a summary of the program, and time is allowed for questions and answers.

**On site examples of discussion points will be pointed out and shown during the program depending on availability.


Identify the albatross and what makes it unique
Develop an appreciation for the importance of our environment
Engage in a discussion providing interactions the albatross has to other habitats and ecosystems.
Develop an understanding of human's negative impacts to the albatross
List solutions that can be done in daily activities to protect the albatross
Engage in critical thinking during question and answer.

Standards Alignment

National Standards

United Nations Sustainability Developmental Goals Applied:
12 Responsibility Consumption and Production | 13 Climate Action | 14 Life Below Water | 15 Life On Land