FREE! Spies & Disguise: American Women in the Civil War

by  Army Women's Museum

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From the beginning of our country, women fought right alongside their
male counterparts, helping to create the United States of America. Follow the journey of American
women in a variety of different roles from nursing, to spies
for the Army, to even dressing up and impersonating as a man to help
fight in both sides during the Civil War. Live from our studio, the U.S. Army Women’s
Museum will lead your students through our early beginnings as a nation
by examining photographs and artifacts to discover women’s contributions
throughout our history!

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45-60 minutes

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Education: Grade(s) 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, Adult Learners, Homeschool/Family Public Library: Library Patrons

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No Maximum but for optimum interactivity we suggest no more than 30

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Social Studies/History

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Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc...)

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Army Women's Museum

Fort Gregg-Adams, VA
United States

The U.S. Army Women's Museum serves as an educational institution, providing military history training and instruction to soldiers, veterans and the civilian community. The museum is the custodian and repository of artifacts and archival material pertaining to the service of women across all branches and organizations of the U.S. Army from inception to the present day. The museum collects, preserves, manages, interprets and exhibits these unique artifacts as a means to provide training and educational outreach.

Tracy Bradford

Program Details


1. This program begins with an introduction and overview of the American Civil War
2. Through artifact analysis students are introduced to objects that American women used during this time period. Students will observe and discover similarities between this time period and currently.
2. Through photo analysis students are introduced to four women during the Civil War: Sarah Emma Edmonds, Dr. Mary Walker, Elizabeth Van Lew, and Harriet Tubman


Students will use deductive reasoning skills to identify cultural clues in archival photographs and documents.

Students will understand the vast and lasting impact the establishment of women and the roles they took on and the impact they left on many facets of American society.

Students will analyze primary source documents such as pensions, artifacts facts, and photographs to understand the climate and dichotomy of political views.

Standards Alignment

State Standards

Social Studies