Teacher Workshop: The Reign of the Stuarts and Our World Today (Free)

by  Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

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Join the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation January 17 at 7 p.m. EST as we examine the impact of England’s Stuart monarchy on the struggles and determination of those who lived in their American colonies. Participants will also explore how this period led to the formation of principles that sparked the American Revolution and continue to resonate today.

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90 minutes

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International, Professional Development, Social Studies/History

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Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation

Williamsburg , VA
United States

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation is an educational agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia offering programs and resources about early American history through its museums – Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown. 

Our Mission 

The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation shall foster through its living-history museums – Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown – an awareness and understanding of the early history, settlement, and development of the United States through the convergence of American Indian, European, and African cultures and the enduring legacies bequeathed to the nation. 

Virtual Learning 

Jamestown Settlement and the American Revolution Museum at Yorktown offer a range of virtual learning experiences for classrooms unable to travel to the museums or participate in a Virginia outreach program. 

Using Zoom or your classroom’s virtual learning platform, students can join a Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation educator as they explore early Virginia and United States history together. Topics examine the Powhatan Indians, early English settlement at Jamestown, three cultures that converged in Virginia, causes and events of the American Revolution and stories of real people who shaped our early history. These inquiry-based educational programs are designed to be interactive and thought provoking, allowing students to explore the past while honing their skills in critical thinking, communication and historical thinking. 

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Join educators from the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation on the third Tuesday of January, February and March 2023 at 7 p.m. EST for free 90-minute online professional development opportunities for teachers. Each virtual session explores a different topic from our past and connects it to our future with ideas and resources for sharing the content in the classroom.

Sessions provide background information to enhance understanding of historical topics, discuss methodologies and curricular content to help educators enhance their lessons and conclude with a Q&A opportunity.

These workshops are presented using Zoom and are designed to be interactive through chat and conversation. Following each session, certificates of participation will be sent to participants listing the program title, date and length. Participants should check with their school district concerning professional development points.


Educators will:
- Provide historical content that classroom educators can use to increase their depth of knowledge and to enrich their classroom lessons.
- Provide resources and strategies for how to present the content to students in an engaging manner that encourages learning.