Exploring the Southwest: The Coronado Expedition of 1540 - Free!

by  Southeast Arizona National Parks

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This program discusses the Coronado Expedition of 1540-1542, which was the first major Spanish exploration of the American Southwest. It begins with a look at the life and times of Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, the leader of the expedition. We then discuss the logistics and route they took and end with a look at the effects of the Colombian Exchange on our lives today. 

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No Settlement, No Conquest: A History of the Coronado Entrada by Richard Flint. An excellent introduction to the motives and decisions of the key players in the expedition.

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Southeast Arizona National Parks

Hereford, AZ
United States

The National Park Service's Southeast Arizona Group (SEAZ) includes Chiricahua National Monument, Coronado National Memorial, and Fort Bowie National Historic Site. The three sites are managed by one leadership team, headed by a superintendent. 

Every park in the group is unique in its own right: the cultural history of Fort Bowie and the shaping of the American West, the geologic grandeur of the standing rocks at Chiricahua, and the Spanish history and rich landscape of Coronado National Memorial. Yet, each park shares more in common than geography alone. The SEAZ Group parks are protected areas where important historical events took place and where crucial biological habitats intersect. 

Join us in real time with a ranger to learn more about what one, or all three of our park sites, has to offer!

Carlotta Caplenor

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1. This presentation begins with an introduction to Coronado's life and times.
2. We then discuss the logistics and route of his expedition.
3. After discussing the impacts of the expedition on Spain and Native Americans, we look at
some of the longer-term impacts of the Colombian Exchange that the Coronado Expedition and
later Spanish settlement fostered.


The participant will gain an appreciation for the changes in U.S. and Mexican society brought about by Coronado’s expedition and later Spanish exploration and settlement. In particular, the participant will develop an understanding of the ways in which Spanish colonialism impacted native peoples in the Americas. The participant will be able to describe three ways Spanish colonialism has impacted his or her life today.

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