Paranormal Poe: Poe and Victorian Spiritualism

by  Poe Museum

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From seances to spirit writing, Poe took advantage of the coinciding rise of the Spiritualist movement in America to share stories of death and life and whatever comes in-between. This presentation discusses Poe’s connection with the movement and finds out how he inadvertently influenced their beliefs.

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Poe Museum

Richmond, VA
United States

Founded in 1922, the Poe Museum houses the largest collection of Edgar Allan Poe artifacts, memorabilia, and manuscripts in the world. The Poe Museum celebrates the legacy of Poe, dubbed “the master of the macabre,” and his enduring impact on the cultural landscape of today. The Poe Museum is a 501(c)3 nonprofit institution.

Emma Clark

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1. This program will begin with a biography of Edgar Allan Poe focusing on his life, literature, and legacy
2. This program will explore the rise of the spiritualism in the 19th century as it coincided with the rise of gothic fiction
3. This program will highlight several of Poe's stories that revolve around death or connecting with the dead. These texts include: "Berenice" and "The Premature Burial"
4. This program will highlight Poe's involvement in the spiritualist community, including his relationship with poet and spiritualist Sarah Helen Whitman.


Attendees will leave this program with a better understanding of Edgar Allan Poe's gothic literature and it's relevancy to 19th century spiritualism.