The Great Pumpkin Science Show

by  Roper Mountain Science Center

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Join us as we pit our best educators against each other in The Great Pumpkin Science Show. We will gather the best educators at Roper Mountain Science Center and put their science knowledge to the test. They will be assigned a domain of science (biology, chemistry, or physics) and showcase that domain of science using a.... pumpkin. Join us for a hilarious look at how science can be fun and engaging.

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Multipoint: $50.00
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45 minutes

Target Audience

Education: Grade(s) Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8Public Library: Library Patrons

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Maximum participants:

35 per class

Primary Disciplines

Sciences, STEM

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Roper Mountain Science Center

Greenville, SC
United States

Our Mission is to educate and inspire learners of all ages to explore and investigate the world of science and technology. Our philosophy is that learning should be enjoyable as well as challenging.
We strive to ensure your learning experiences with Roper Mountain Science Center are interdisciplinary--incorporating, science, technology, mathematics, social studies, and language arts.

Jasmine Poor

Program Details


We will begin by introducing our amazing educator contestants. Next, their science domain will be assigned. Then they will showcase their science experiment and the audience will vote on which educator's experiment was the best.


1. Participants will meet our educators.
2. Educators will be assigned their domain and plan their experiment/demonstration
3. Educators will present their experiment/demonstration
4. Participants will judge and award the trophy

Standards Alignment

National Standards

Next Generation Science Standards:
K-PS2-1 Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions
5-PS1-4 Matter and Its Interactions
MS-PS1-2 Matter and its Interactions