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Challenger Learning Center (Rochester, New York)

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The Challenger Learning Center of Rochester, New York is a state-of-the-art learning facility. Our number one goal here at Challenger Learning Center is to inspire student interest in science and math. By questioning, measuring, hypothesizing, inferring, classifying, and interpreting, students apply the skills they’ve practiced in the classroom in an authentic assessment setting.











Programs by Challenger Learning Center (Rochester, New York)

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Mysteries of the Great Lakes

“This experience takes video conferencing to the next level. It brings the learner into an otherwise inaccessible environment. It was...


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BE A TRANSFORMER - Fun With Energy Transformations

Energy exists in many forms, and when these forms change energy is conserved. Students should understand that energy exists in a variety of forms...


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Sunken Treasures - Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are an amazing resource often overlooked by our society. Over 20% of all of the worlds fresh water is contained within these 5...


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Astronauts - Living the Dream!!

What do former Presidents, Doctors, Attorneys and Judges want to be... an Astronaut. Why should they have all the fun? Join Commanders Raab and...


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Reasons for Seasons- Rotation and Revolution of the Earth

College Graduates, Lawyers, Doctors and Engineers get the reasons for seasons wrong..... Have our Master Instructors dispel the myth, teach the...


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Fraction Hero #1 - Fractions as Sharing

Join us for a colorful introduction to Fractions with over-the-top Super Hero, “Fraction Hero”. Work with hands-on materials to explore unit...


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Fraction Hero #2 - Peril on the Number Line

Join us for a colorful introduction to Fractions with over-the-top Super Hero, “Fraction Hero”. Work with hands-on materials to explore unit...


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Fraction Hero #3 Equivalence on the Number Line

Fraction Hero squares off with his most dangerous nemesis yet... The Pizza Pirate! It's a no holds barred Pizza Eating Contest! Derived from Grade...


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Education: Elementary


Amy Vallone   Amy_Vallone@boces.monroe.edu
15 Linden Park
Rochester NY 14625
United States


Primary Disciplines

The programs of Challenger Learning Center (Rochester, New York) cover:

Community Interests
Social Studies/History
Health/Physical Education
Career Education
Family & Consumer Science
Special Education
Character Education
Technology/Information Science
Problem Solving
Gifted & Talented
Special Needs
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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

“This program runs directly with our curriculum. The students were always on task and were sad when the conference was over. This inspires me to try to make my teaching recreate this type of experience. The Commanders truly make this experience work!”

Todd Zuk, Erwin Valley School, Corning

“The Challenger Center is a fantastic way to bring the curriculum to life for the kids! Even kids who are difficult to motivate in the classroom are excited to learn and participate!”

Elana Keeney, Northside School, Fairport