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Content Provider: Lee Richardson Zoo

Type of Organization
Science Center/Zoo
Providing Distance Learning Programs Since
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Education Division
312 Finnup Drive

Garden City, KS 67846
United States
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About the Content Provider
The Lee Richardson Zoo is often referred to as an oasis on the plains of Kansas. Home to hundreds of Kansas native and exotic animals, the Lee Richardson Zoo features over fifty beautifully landscaped acres in Garden City, spacious animal exhibits, walking paths, a playground, picnic areas, and shady avenues.
Program Delivery Mode
Videoconference - H.323 (Polycom, Cisco/Tandberg, LifeSize, etc...),, Videoconference – Webcam/desktop (Zoom, Skype, iChat, Vidyo, Movi/Jabber, Blue Jeans, etc...)
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By Request
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Here's what others are saying about our programs
"Students were engaged and interested in the program. They used higher thinking skills as they participated in the program. It is very well integrated into the science curriculum we follow. It also gives the children a real world perspective."

"Students had not been introduced to the vocabulary or carnivore, herbivore and omnivore prior to this program and in the days since, students have been using that vocab during our story "Seeds." Its a story about plants and many students remembered that herbivores eat plants :)"

"It is very well integrated into the science curriculum we follow. It also gives the children a real world perspective. Wonderful program! Many skills were addressed especially higher learning and thinking skills!"

"The program enhanced the unit on animals and mammals covered in class. It gives students opportunities to learn about animals of which they would otherwise have no knowlege. The program also enhances lessons taught on animals, habitats, and characteristics of mammals."
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