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The Ward Melville Heritage Organization is proud to offer state-of-the-art programming across the arts and sciences from our authentic historic and environmental properties. Broadcasting live from Long Island’s historic and
environmental landmarks--WMHO supports NY State and Common Core Standard
learning by creating rich virtual environment where students study and observe
artifacts, primary sources, and participate in an exchange of ideas. WMHO’s
digital platforms include (and are not limited to) Zoom, Google Classroom and MS





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Programs by The Ward Melville Heritage Organization

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Become A Spy!

How did the Culper Spy Ring form? Why was Long Island its birthplace?  Can your students successfully recruit Rebecca Brewster, innkeeper of the Brewster House in 1778, to join the Culper Spy Ring during the American Revolution?  As a group, we...


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Electronic Explorations: The Salt Marsh Ecosystem

Study a salt marsh ecosystem without ever leaving your classroom! This distance learning program enables students outside our locale to visit, explore and study an 88-acre salt marsh preserve. A qualified naturalist will guide students as...


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First Long Islanders: Original Native American Inhabitants

Would you have survived a summer on Long Island’s wetland habitat 5000 years ago?Based on WMHO’s historic archaeological dig in 1960 that unearthed evidence of a 5000-year-old encampment of an Algonquin peoples, students will be engaged in an...


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Long Island Sound Connections

The Long Island Sound Connections program teaches children how to bridge human actions to concerns over water and land conservation in order to create the next generation of sustainable developers and conservationist scientists who understand the...


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Running Scared, Running Free: Escape to the Promise Land

What would you do for your freedom?   Imagine a life where leaving everything you have ever known was your only chance for truly living?  Set during the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 that required northern states to return any escaped slaves to...


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Windows Through Time: Journals of American Revolutionary War Spies!

Engage your students in this interactive program about America's first successful spy ring! Presented from the authentic Brewster House, home of Revolutionary War tavern owner, Joseph Brewster (cousin of spy ring member Caleb Brewster) this...


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