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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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Let the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History come to you! You
and your students can connect and interact LIVE with the Museum’s team
of experts without leaving your campus! Utilizing interactive distance
learning in the classroom, your students can explore science and history
with Museum curators, staff and special guests. These 50-minute
sessions correlate with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and National Standards.

To register
for a program, please go to www.Connect2Texas.net and
click on Events.  Available programs are listed by date and time but you
can narrow down the search by selecting Fort Worth Museum of Science and History from
the program filter. If you would like to request a program on a specific date
and time, email distancelearning@fwmsh.org or call (817)255-9472.






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Honorable Mention


Honorable Mention


Programs by Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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Geometric Transformations

Ready for a mind-bending, shape-shifting approach to making geometric transformations? Using simple materials-scissors, tape and strips of paper...


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All About Matter

Combine bubbles, eyedroppers, air in different states and you have an incredibly interactive program all about matter from the Fort Worth Museum of...


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Eggs Everywhere

Eggs are one of nature's most perfect designs and an incredible way to learn about animal life cycles, adaptations and survival. Using a simple...


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Icy Science

Looking for a "chilling" experience using one of the world's most unusual substances that will support your student’s process skill development...


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Adaptations Explorations: Owls

Owls are remarkable birds and serve as an incredible model for your students learn about form, function, and adaptations! Using live animals, items...


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Investigations in Weathering , Erosion and Deposition

Get ready to shake it up and move mountains! Your students will experience the processes of weathering, erosion and deposition as they use earth...


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Resolve to Dissolve

Let's resolve to dissolve with solids, liquids and gases! Your student will experiment with different solutes and solvents and observe reactions of...


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STEM in Action: Scribblebots

Scribblebots are motorized machines that move in chaotic ways, leaving interesting patterns in their wake. Student teams will use the Engineering...


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Bird's the Word: Battle of the Beaks

 Through observation, we can investigate physical features, unique behaviors, and adaption strategies that help birds to survive in the...


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Anne Santana   distancelearning@fwmsh.org
1600 Gendy Street
Fort Worth TX 76107
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The programs of Fort Worth Museum of Science and History cover:

Social Studies/History

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

"The programs at FWMSH have consistently been instructionally focused, engaging, fun for the students and teachers, and well coordinated. ..
I know that if the museum offers a program, it will be a quality session that the teachers will feel worthwhile taking their students to, even though it will take time out of their coveted instructional time. So kudos to you and your staff.

Richard Hooper, Director of Technology, Ponder ISD
Ponder, Texas

"About Geometric Transformations:
The video conference last Thursday was outstanding! It was gratifying to see the students get involved, question, try different solutions, etc. They were still talking about the activities on Friday."

Kay Clark, Brock ISD, Brock Texas

"This program (All About Matter) was wonderful. The materials sent were great for the students to use fro the lesson and the information taught in the program was perfect for my science unit."

Jennifer Leonard, Avon Central School, New York