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Pro Football Hall of Fame

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The Pro Football Hall of Fame's mission:

Honor the Heroes of the Game
Preserve its History
Promote its Values
Celebrate Excellence...EVERYWHERE!

Helping to fulfill this mission are the many educational and youth initiatives offered by the Hall of Fame.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Youth & Education Department is committed to empower youth around the world and aims to inspire young people to achieve Hall of Fame success on and off the field. Our BEST work will yield a new generation of character, courage & compassion. Young men and women of nobility, integrity and honor who are both inclusive (of all races & religions) and prepared to respect, and, if necessary, defend,
those who are weaker or different than themselves. A new generation that shall make our families stronger, our communities closer, our companies more competitive, our country greater and our world a better place to live. A positive & passionate generation of perseverance, excellence & love.











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Programs by Pro Football Hall of Fame

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The Story of Pro Football (FREE)

This program examines the "museum concept" brought to life through the use of priceless artifacts and historical documents, which illustrates the...


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Careers in the NFL (FREE)

This program examines the importance of education and the hundreds of careers available in and around the National Football League. A 10-minute...


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African American Trailblazers (FREE)

This program examines the contributions of African American pioneers in pro football, beginning in 1904 with the signing of Charles Follis to...


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The Kansas Comet's Roommate (FREE)

This program examines the relationship between Gold Jacket Gale Sayers and his teammate Brian Piccolo. Not only will students examine the...


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What's with NFL Team Nicknames? (FREE)

This program examines NFL team histories and how team nicknames were selected and the meaning behind those. Students will learn that not all teams...


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Media and the NFL (FREE)

This program examines the role of television in the history of the NFL and its impact on viewers. Students will receive an overview of the history...


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Visual Art and The Hall of Fame Experience (FREE)

This program examines the architectural features of the museum in addition to sculptures, paintings, prints, photographs, videography and...


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Tackling Student Interest (FREE)

TEACHERS - Come learn about what the Pro Football Hall of Fame has to offer to supplement your classroom instruction. Free of charge.


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The Five Star Museum (FREE)

Students will learn about the Hall of Fame's priceless artifacts and historical documents by exploring the Hall of Fame from the eyes of a reporter...


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Rule Changes in the NFL

This program examines the storied history of the NFL and the rule changes. From the scoring system to the forward pass to the "Grid Iron", the game...


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Movement and Motion

This program examines the relationship of science and the game of professional football. Straight line movement, zig-zags, circular motion, back...


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Jerry Csaki   education@profootballhof.com
2121 George Halas Dr. NW
Canton OH 44708
United States


Primary Disciplines

The programs of Pro Football Hall of Fame cover:

Video Conferencing Awareness
Video Conferencing Integration
Video Conferencing Planning and Implementation
Video Conferencing Presentation Skills
Social Studies/History
Fine Arts
Health/Physical Education
Career Education
Family & Consumer Science
Language Arts/English
Character Education
Technology/Information Science
Problem Solving
Gifted & Talented

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

"The correlations to teaching standards were clearly met. The program is completely interactive and engaging. The students were excited and interested."

"This is the best Character education program you can offer your students!"

"In my 18 years in education this experience was one of the most beneficial experiences that I have participated in. It had such value. A great life lesson for our students."

"I always recommend the NFL distance learning programs to any teacher or school district who wants to get involved in videoconferencing. I think your programs are by far one of the best! And we just love that Jerry Csaki! He really makes our students and teachers feel comfortable with the technology. It can be intimidating for newbies!"