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A spell-binding wordsmith, Hank Fincken has the distinction of being named Master Artist by the Indiana Arts Commission and given the Achievement and Service Award by the Indiana Theatre Association. Mr. Fincken has written and produced 12 original plays, published 25 stories, and tours the country with 8 original one-man plays.

Mr. Fincken's programs are available in Spanish.  He has won 6 Pinnacle Awards for his various programs on writing and History.



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Honorable Mention




Honorable Mention



Programs by Hank Fincken: A National Theatre Company of One

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1849: There's Gold in California, I promise

During the last year of his life, J. G. Bruff was punished five times for arriving five minutes late to his twelve-hour/day Washington DC job. The year was 1889 and Bruff was 84-years-old. So, why should you care?Because in 1849, this same man...


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Christopher Columbus: The Shame in the Glory

Columbus has just returned from "Japan" and shares with The Spanish Court (program participants) all he has learned. The Court is permitted to ask Columbus questions about himself or the trip. Mr. Fincken will also discuss the other voyages and...


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CREATIVE WRITING (Traditional Genres: Tall Tales, Myths, Fables and Legends

What makes a tall tale a tall tale, a myth a myth? Why does writing riddles help students better understand poetry and why does writing poetry help students write better prose? Why are drafts and rewriting essential to the writing process? In...


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FICTION and NON FICTION (Learning to Write Well and Read Better)

In this discussion/performance workshop, students discuss the differences between writing fiction and non fiction. The program will be customized depending on the specific needs of the student audience. Hank will give a dramatic reading of his...


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Henry Ford: Driving Force in America

Henry Ford did not begin the automobile industry, but his insights about consumers and manufacturing changed the world as we know it. He was a complex man in a complex time and to judge him you must know something about his background, the world...


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Johnny Appleseed: Cutting to the Core

Johnny Appleseed tells you about his importance on the western frontier. Along the way, he will share funny stories based on his life and experiences. This program is highly interactive. Mr. Fincken has been portraying Johnny for over 20 years...


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Thomas Alva Edison: Man vs Myth

Thomas Alva Edison:  MORE THAN JUST THE LIGHT BULBStarting this winter and all next spring, Hank has added a new dimension to his program on Edison.  With new props and new ideas, Edison can talk about his youth, his first inventions, his many...


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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

"I think your portrayal of my great grandfather, Thomas A. Edison, would make him proud." David Edward Edison Sloane
The University of New Haven

"Your portrayal of Columbus was factual, enlightening and challenging."
Liz Sowell
Imagination Celebration
Fort Worth, Texas

"I feel it was a unique learning experience to be involved with a person who re-enacts anothers life. He was so knowledgeable and effecient that at the end some of my children asked was it really Thomas Edison."
Elementary Educator New York