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Inspired Classroom offers unique, engaging one hour national standard classes via interactive video education to grades K-12.





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Honorable Mention


Programs by Inspired Classroom

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Does The Bear Snore On?

This program is similar to our Bear Hibernation but is geared for students in grades k-3. Students will view videos from a real bear den and...


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Valentine's Day Bear

Valentine's Day Bears is a highly interactive program. Students are introduced to the story, The Valentine Bears, by Eve Bunting to see how a pair...


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Examining Animal Signs: Scat and Tracks

Did you ever think that you would sculpt mountain lion poop? or compare your foot to that of a 300 lbs black bear? During this class we will...


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Ghost Stories and Ghost Towns: A Spooky Peek into the Old West

Just in time for Halloween! We invite you to join us for this special program that will take you back to the late 1800's and early 1900's to...


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S.C.A.M.P.E.R.: Inventive Thinking!

Learn how to think like an inventor through the SCAMPER method of creative thinking. Investigate inventions, practice “SCAMPERing” a common...


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Born to Be Wild! Wondrous Wolverines

Explore the remote areas of Montana with a fierce and tenacious carnivore-the wolverine! Students will discuss characteristics and create...


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There's A Bear in the Bathtub!

"There's A Bear in the Bathtub!"  says young Mia.  Mia's Mom does not believe her until after a week of no baths when she discovers the truth...


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Stumped: an EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY through TRAGEDY, COMEDY and RESTORATIONThe University of Montana is a proud sponsor of the movie Stumped! Join...


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IC Golden Eagle Migration Challenge

MPG Golden Eagle IC Challenge<o:p></o:p>Join researchers from <g data-gr-id="19">Raptor</g> View Research Institute and MPG...


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Alli DePuy   alli@inspiredclassroom.com
800 S. 3rd St W
Missoula MT 59801
United States


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The programs of Inspired Classroom cover:

Industrial Technology
Community Interests
Social Studies/History
Fine Arts
Career Education
Language Arts/English
Technology/Information Science
Problem Solving
Green Energy

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

“The students really enjoyed the Ambassadors (Ambassador Said Jawal of Afghanistan) presentation! This video presentation was so important for me, too. I realize that my own knowledge of Afghanistan was extremely limited. We are all very grateful to have had this chance to learn about Afghanistan and from the Ambassador, himself! The students agreed that he is a wonderful speaker. This was a great experience for all of us. Thanks again for inviting us. We really appreciate the opportunity to be included in this program.”
-Joanne, Moore School

How do you feel student learning was impacted for those who participated in the Lewis and Clark virtual field trip program?
“I had several email me last night about how much they liked it and told me about what they have learned from the videoconference and a link I sent them as a follow-up.”

“This learning activity (Scat and Tracks) created wonderful discussion for my students during and after the conference. The presenter used questioning to help students think critically about animals, producers, consumers, omnivores, carnivores, herbivores and biomass. I highly enjoyed learning the differences between Black and Grizzly bear tracks! As well, I learned a few new pieces of information on distinguishing between wild dog and cat tracks.”
-Miss Robins, Evergreen School, Canada

This was the best virtual field trip yet (to a Montana Ghost Town). The presenter was enthusiastic and really made a connection with the kids. They loved it! (and so did the teachers:)
-Jen, Big Horn County School District #2

My class just participated in the Idita-read dog sled racing video conference. Thank you for this opportunity. My students really enjoyed the video conference.
-Megan, Alaska

How do you feel student learning was impacted for those who participated in the Earth Day program?
Some students really enjoyed interacting with content in a new and different way! Students who normally cannot focus on direct instruction were actively participating
-Hedi, Anderson School

Would you recommend the Ghost Stories and Ghost Towns program to others?
Why or why not?
Alli was engaging, animated and held the students attention for our entire session.
-Mandy, Westminster Center School

Thank you for your wonderful presentation! The kids loved it! One said, "I learned SO much!" It was a great first teleconferencing experience for us.
Many thanks,