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The Common Core State Standards have focused attention on process and using nonfiction in the classroom. Our Authors on Call from iNK Think Tank embody the CCSS. This team uses their extraordinary breadth of knowledge to transform today's classrooms into vital centers of learning. These authors are experts in processing enormous amounts of information, sifting through it and synthesizing it into works with added value. So why not talk to these masters of 21st century skillsand let them unpack their process for your students? They are eager to share their knowledge with you and to help you inspire your students with books kids love to read about subjects you're required to teach. So far our authors include Jan Adkins, Vicki Cobb, Heather Montgomery, Roxie Munro, Dorothy Hinshaw Patent,Carla Killough McClafferty, Aline Alexander Newman, David M. Schwartz, Alexandra Siy, Steve Swinburne , Peggy Thomas, and Andrea Warren. Keep coming back as we add more authors and new programs.
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Social Studies/History, Language Arts/English, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Professional Development/Continuing Education, Sciences, Character Education, Literacy, Writing, Reading, Problem Solving, Title I, Standards,
Here's what others are saying about our programs
Recently, six authors attended the Chappaqua Children's book fair.  Here's what some teachers said about us: 

- When I first clicked on the link for www.nonfictionminute.org, I felt
like I found gold. In our district we do the Lucy Calkin's writing program. In
this program there is a large unit of nonfiction. I often struggle with unit
because I struggle finding mentor texts! Listening to the nonfiction stories is genius! I listened to several of them, all with the different authors and voices. Really helpful. I love this link and will be browsing throughout the year. 

- This is how I describe nonfiction to my kids- "not a fairytale, not fake."
This website will come in handy. Additionally, I was happy to explore the I.N.K website. First, the acronym is wonderful (INK-interesting nonfiction for kids) because it is true! It is imperative that students have access to nonfiction texts. I like how INK is getting educators and parents excited about nonfiction. Also, they have interesting books that teachers can use in their classrooms and they have writers who blog about up to date topics regarding Common Core State Standards and nonfiction texts. 

- I liked explored the “Nonfiction Minutes” section. They had a variety of podcasts about different nonfiction concepts. I found one that was about a small jet fighter plane that wore a “costume” during World War II.  This book would be great to reference when teaching students about World War II. 

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