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As an educational institution, the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum offers programs designed to actively engage students, teachers, families, and the general public. Programs expand on the story told in our exhibitions and include interactions with songwriters, musicians, and artists.


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Programs by Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

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Is It a Fiddle or a Violin?

In Texas it's a fiddle. In Boston it's a violin. In Nashville it depends. This one-of-a-kind, toe-tapping partnership-which could only happen in Music City, USA joins the resources of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with those of the...


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Songwriting 101

Create a song with a professional songwriter while also learning songwriting fundamentals, including the basics of song form, rhyme scheme, meter, and secrets behind the creative process.


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STEAM: Listening Technology Over Time

Explore the history of music listening technologies from the gramophone to the iPod. Students are challenged to make observations, compare and contrast, and eventually discover how and why these technologies have changed over time. This program...


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STEAM: Science of Sound at Historic RCA Studio B

Historic RCA Studio B, Nashville’s oldest operating recording studio, exists at the intersection of science, technology, history, and music. In this program, students evaluate how properties of sound waves shaped the studio space. Students will...


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Words & Music: Teach Language Arts Through Songwriting

Using our award-winning Words & Music Teacher’s Guide, teachers lead students through the lyric writing process. A selection of original student lyrics are then put to music and performed by a professional songwriter in the culminating...


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The programs of Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum cover:

Fine Arts
Language Arts/English
Performing Arts
Professional Development
Social Studies/History
Technology/Information Science

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

Remarkable!!! This morning's event captured our students' attention, creativity, and created a real sense of success. I know our students will be talking about this for some time.
 -4th grade ELA teacher

Words & Music provides an opportunity for blended learning and really makes vital connections between what children think they want to know and what they need to know. 

-District Supervisor

We all just loved this experience! I am in awe of the talented musicians who can bring these songs to life! And, what I really loved, is that the students who don't normally step up to share their work or to be in the spotlight were chosen. 

 -6th Grade ELA Teacher