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Our mission is...
to educate, lead and serve youth and adults through a positive learning environment providing hands-on experiences in a natural setting. We believe in:

•Building self esteem
•Instilling awareness, respect, and wise use of our natural resources through environmental education
•Reinforcing classroom instruction
•Expanding appreciation for past cultures







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Programs by Hartley Outdoor Education Center

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Abe Lincoln: Honest and Lucky

The 16th President makes a special appearance in your classroom as he tells the story of his life from childhood to death. Learn all about what made Abe so lucky and some unique educational information about this famous man. 


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Animal Superpowers

Discover how animals communicate without speaking and survive by using some awesome superpowers. You will meet our live animal superheros and learn about animal structures and functions. 


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Jean-Paul LeFranc The French Voyageur

Relive a year in the life of a French Voyageur as you "travel" from Montreal to the Grand Portage in Minnesota and back. Students will actively participate in the program while learning the different roles men had, their food, their unusual dress,...


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Junk to Jewelry

Students will learn the how, what and why of recycling through hands-on activities and educational information. Supplies will be provided for each student to make their very own recycled paper beads during our program. This program is a great...


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Nothing Bat the Truth

Join a professional Naturalist as your students explore many cool and interesting bat facts including: what a bat is, where they live, what makes them unique, what they eat, and what you can do to help them. Take the bat quiz to see … do YOU...


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Owls of North America

Have a “hoot” learning about the owls of North America. Students will see examples of owls, hear some calls, learn their natural history and dissect an owl pellet to see what their particular owl ate.


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The programs of Hartley Outdoor Education Center cover:

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