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Fizzics Education has been a leading science education outreach provider since 2004. Reaching 350,000 students a year our interactive science workshops aim to engage, inform and inspire students whilst adhering to the curriculum needs of the classroom teacher.









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Programs by Fizzics Education (Australia)

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Creative chemistry

See bubbling dry ice, color-changing chemical reactions, growing crystals, glow-in-the-dark reactions, elephants toothpaste, stringy slimes, different colored flames and more! Designed to cover a broad range of chemical concepts that is...


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Hot and Cold - The science of heat

Your classroom heats up as we explore how heat travels through a variety of materials and just what temperature really is. From the Sun to future technologies, this workshop will warm your students to science!


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Human Body: Look Inside! (Australia)

Learn about the major human body systems in this engaging workshop! Your students will look at circulation, respiration, skeletal structure and the five senses whilst running experiments in your classroom.


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Liquid nitrogen & properties of materials

Find out how solids, liquids and gases change when rapidly heated and cooled. Smash a squash ball! Shrink a balloon instantly! What happens to living things if they are frozen? Explore Newton's Laws of Motion with liquid nitrogen sprinklers...


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Science of Sound

Make some noise! What is sound? What do sound waves look like? Do sound waves always travel at the same speed? How does the Doppler effect work? What is resonance? What are the implications? All these questions and more are covered in this fun...


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Stars & Planets

Investigate our Universe and space exploration techniques in this hands-on workshop! What did the big bang really look like? How do stars work? How do we observe distant galaxies? Why do we visit and study space anyway? Describe the Solar...


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Talk with an Aussie; culture & history of Australia

G'Day, chart your course overseas to learn about Australia from an Australian? This interactive discussion is designed to cover a broad range of topics from Australia's culture, history, currency, geography, time zones, fauna, flora and more. Your...


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Weather and pressure

How does pressure and weather really work together? See shooting smoke vortex rings, exploding balloon dogs, tea bag rockets and much more! Students will find out how pressure and temperature influences weather patterns and run their own...


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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

Croydon Park Public School:
All students were totally engaged in the hands-on activities and extremely attentive during the demonstrations. Well planned, age appropriate and promoted higher order and lateral thinking. Highly recommended

Allambie Hights Public School;
Great resources. The children loved the hands on experiments... it was great to hear the children learn as the 'played'. Strongly informative and age appropriate.

Bourke - Walgett School of Distance Education:
The presenter was enthusiastic and animated about all things scientific... his presentations were exciting for the students. The programmes specifically suited the stage level and worked perfectly. I was very impressed with the range and complexity of the equipment provided . A very valuable resource.

St John Boscoe Engadine:
Engaging and lots of fun at the appropriate level of the students. They were very excited. Highly recommended.

Berala Public School:
Students were very enthusiastic during the performance and discussed many of the forces explored following the show. All were active participants. [This] workshop was an excellent support & challenge to our 'powering on' unit of work. It demonstrated what we had been learning but also posed more questions and challenges. We appreciated the teacher workshop for professional learning. Highly recommended.

Beresford Road Public School:
We all enjoyed the show - it kept kids from Kinder to Year 6 interested as well as attending parents. A great way to get kids involved & fitted our halloween theme. Will recommend to others!

Ascham Girls:
Fun and interactive, the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. Professional and well informed. We enjoyed this incursion and would definitely consider using this company again.

George Anderson Warpole School:
The show was interesting and entertaining. Students were captured. It totally engaged the students. Visually encapsulating.

Enngonia Public School:
Lots of hands on activities and great presentations. The activities were appropriate for the levels of students and showed that science is fun

Malek Fahd Islamic School:
The students were engaged throughout the entire performance. The experiments all related well to the programme topic and this added valuable knowledge and understanding to our weather studies at school. A high interest programme of great value to the children's learning experiences...the children really enjoyed your programmes and we will definitely recommend your company to other classes in our school.

Savernake Public School:
Excellent introduction and explanations. The enthusiasm of the presenter (combined) with the hands on approach on a variety of displays made for a great programme. Our kids were fully engaged throughout the programme.

St Andrews Primary Maryong:
Students were very excited. Loved too many aspects - couldn't decide which was the best part. Very hands-on - all children engaged all the time. Excellent.

Granville Public School:
Excellent! The students learned lots and enjoyed the workshop. Highly recommended.

Bowral Public School:
The students were very engaged. (The) students were fascinated by the experiments and 'hands on' experiences. Highly recommended.

Beacon Hill Public School:
Extremely high level of student participation and involvement that held their interest.
Highly recommended.

Condell Park Public School:
Enthusiastic presenter - good rapport with students.The programme was informative and age appropriate.

Denistone East Public School:
The children had a great time experimenting. Strongly resource appropriate and value for money.

St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary School:
I liked how the scientific laws were taught in a visual way, (as well as) showing practical tools used by scientists. I liked the idea of relating concepts to the real world... mixing scientific information with a variety of fun activities. Very successful.

St Philip Neri:
I like the amount of opportunity for hands on interaction for the children. The timing was perfect for this age group - well planned. Look forward to using this excellent presentation or others in the future. (The) children all talked
about how much they loved it all - many thanks!

Collaroy Plateau Public School:
Hands-on experiments to explore. Relevant to the science unit 'Environment Matters'. Well informed and professional.

Arndell Anglican College:
The programme captured the student's interest right from the start. Thanks.

Greenway Park Public School:
The children were really engaged. Lots of questioning to ensure that the children were understanding (the concepts). Repetitive clear learning & message.

Waitara Public School:
Highly recommended. Useful, appropriate, interesting teachers notes. Children's reactions were positive - enjoyed hands on activities.