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Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve protects an intact tidewater glacier ecosystem, including towering mountains, calving glaciers, terrestrial and marine wildlife, and more for all people. Visitors to Glacier Bay discover the spiritual, scientific, and personal meanings of this special place. Our videoconferencing programs connect students to this remote national park.










Programs by Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

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Ask A Ranger--Free

Students prepare thoughtful questions ahead of time and spend videoconference time discussing Glacier Bay’s wildlife, glaciers, plants, life in Alaska, research and more with the rangers. (30-60 minutes)


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Cold Water Coral -- Free

Discover the world of cold water corals, their ability to survive in Glacier Bay and the creatures that share this marine environment with them. 


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Survivor Glacier Bay -- Free

Glacier Bay is a vast wilderness that is home to many animals, including birds, mammals, fish and, historically, people. Each animal has special adaptations to survive in the cold waters and snowy mountains of Glacier Bay. Explore some of these...


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The Power of Glaciers -- Free

Explore the history, formation, and power of Glacier Bay's glaciers in this standards-based program. A great addition to lessons on earth systems, Alaska, or the history of science.


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Visiting Glacier Bay -- Free

Glacier Bay National Park is a special place for all people to visit and explore. In this program, students will join a ranger on a virtual kayak trip through Glacier Bay while learning about the animals, glaciers, and people who make this park...


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Whale Watching in Glacier Bay -- Free

Glacier Bay is home to one of the most magnificent marine mammals: the endangered humpback whale. Join park rangers and researchers on a virtual interactive trip through Glacier Bay to learn about these massive creatures and other marine mammals...


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