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Students soar out of the ordinary world into an educator led PowerPoint presentation with embedded music videos that use jazz to teach academics: language arts, math, history, geography & migration, test taking strategies, critical thinking, & problem solving.
JazzSLAM is available in three 45 minute eLearning sessions.



Programs by JazzSLAM (Jazz Supports Language Arts & Math)

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Exploring 3 Essay Forms through the Parallel Song Forms: Session 3 FREE

FREE to Title 1 Schools! In this final session, we will revisit & sing Narrative Essay/AABA song form. Students will deduce a song from “reading” a Line Graph of its melody. Students will understand how recent migration brought the Latin Clave...


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Teaching Critical Thinking through the Blues: Session 2 FREE

FREE to Title 1 Schools! We will explore Critical Thinking through work songs, the Blues & Narrative Essays. We will explore US geography and history, particularly migration from Africa and the Caribbean to New Orleans.


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Using Music to teach Critical Thinking and Math: Session 1 FREE

FREE to Title 1 Schools! Using Music to teach Critical Thinking and Math We'll take a close look at the relationship between jazz, world geography & history, migration, African & Native American rhythms, and math. This includes Call...


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The programs of JazzSLAM (Jazz Supports Language Arts & Math) cover:

Gifted & Talented
Language Arts/English
Performing Arts
Problem Solving
Social Studies/History
Special Education

Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

Sample evaluation comments from 9/29/15 4th grade Bethune Elementary, Ft Laud, FL
“What new information have you observed that your students are applying as a result of their JazzSLAM presentation?”
Mr. Ebbitt: My students are looking into the story for clues. I am using music as an added tool.
Ms. Fox: They are counting beats and putting new rhythms together.
Ms.Brieseida Maycumber: Music notes, Fractions, Geography - Continents. Fraction representation through music
Mrs. Ramos: using music notes to solve fractions.
Ms. Cuneo: Geography skills

“what new info did Students say they learned from the JazzSLAM program?”
Mr. Ebbitt: Following the beats. Working on geography (we need to work on it!) Singing.
Ms. Fox: You can learn fractions from music; by counting the beats.
Ms. Maycomber: Fraction representation though music.
Ms. Ramos: About the different artists of the Jazz era.
Ms. Cuneo: Following beats. Fraction representation.

“Teacher or student comments”
Mr. Ebbitt: I thought that the show as upbeat and very fun! I loved seeing the kids so involved and smiling.
Ms.Fox: The kids loved it!!!
Ms.Maycumber: Wonderful display of history through geography and math
Ms Ramos: Loved how they used songs to display different information about history and such. My students love it! They kept singing the songs throughout the day.
Ms.Cuneo: They loved it!