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International Owl Center

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The International Owl Center is the only owl education center in the United States. It works to make the world a better place for owls by educating, inspiring, and empowering people.



Programs by International Owl Center

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Build an Owl with our Magic Owl Box

Owls are amazing! With their keen senses of sight and hearing, quiet flight and powerful talons, they blow all other birds out of the water. But what exactly makes an owl an owl?


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Great Horned Owl Soap Opera

After Hagar disappeared, Lilith showed up and attacked Jill. This is a real life, true as can be owl soap opera that's happening in Houston, Minnesota and formed the basis for an in-depth vocal study on Great Horned Owls. Get the scoop on the owl...


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Owl Encounters--Game Show Showdown

Can you have a pet owl? Can cats kill owls? Is it legal to keep a feather you find on the ground? These are just a few of the questions you'll be challenged with during our exciting game show!


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Owls Through the Ages

Owls are found all around the world and people have varying opinions about them. In this program, learn how owls are seen in different cultures, travel back in time to the very first owl cave carving, and find out how people are combating negative...


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