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The mission of Denver Botanic Gardens is to connect people with plants, especially plants from the Rocky Mountain region and similar regions around the world, providing delight and enlightenment to everyone. School programs emphasize student-led discovery through a variety of hands-on activities and guided explorations. Programs are cross-curricular and align with Colorado Academic Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.



Programs by Denver Botanic Gardens

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Ecological Explorations

Plants and animals work together in many ways in ecosystems all over the world. Students discover what components make an ecosystem and how the plants and animals that live there interact with one another.


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Exploring Plants

Become a plant! Act out the life cycle of a plant while learning about each plant part. Discover what plants need to grow and why they are important.


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Strange and Unusual Plants

Discover the wacky ways plants like the Venus flytrap and others have adapted to survive. Compare plant adaptations from ecosystems around the globe. 


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