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Zion National Park is a place with massive sandstone
cliffs, narrow slot canyons, unique wildlife and plants, and a rich history.
Students learn about Zion National Park, the National Park Service, and the
unique ecosystems and history of the southwest as they interact in live time
with a uniformed ranger. Our free programs cover a variety of topics that bring
curriculum to life. 

Registration is not currently open. Check back in January 2023 for information regarding January-April 2023 learning opportunities.





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Programs by Zion National Park

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Amazing Animals - FREE

This program will delve into the food web of Zion National Park while introducing students to the landscape and creatures that live here. Using song, puppets, and videos, rangers from Zion will engage kids in learning all about the desert and the...


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Carving the Canyon - FREE

Trace the geologic history of earth through the stunning canyon walls of Zion National Park. This program introduces students to the unique and complex story of Zion and the southwest, and allows students to gain a deeper understanding of geologic...


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Chat with a Ranger - FREE

In Chat with a Ranger, students learn about Zion National Park, the park service, and the life of a ranger. Students prepare and send questions ahead of time. This program can be adapted to fit different curriculum objectives, and is appropriate...


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Eco Underground - FREE

This program examines the foundation of our ecosystem, and focuses in on biological soil crust, and the microorganisms that create it. Students will learn about the benefits of biological soil crust in various habitats, and examine human impacts...


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Pollination Investigation - FREE

In this distance learning program, students will discover what pollination is and how important it is to all ecosystems. Looking at the relationship between plants and pollinators, participants will see how they have influenced each other and will...


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The Forests, Wetlands, and Deserts of Zion - FREE

Learn about the unique animals who live in the deserts, forests, and wetlands of Zion National Park! This program introduces students to the National Park Service and the diverse landscape of Zion Canyon. Students will investigate the animals and...


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Whooo's in the Canyon?

Who left these clues behind here in the high canyons of Zion National Park? A feather, small bones, and hoot hooting in the trees can be heard as your classroom goes on a virtual hike of Zion to discover the Mexican Spotted Owl. Learn owl about...


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