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EarthEcho collaborates with youth and educators around the world to provide knowledge and develop tools that drive meaningful environmental action to protect and restore our ocean planet. Reaching more than 2 million people in 146 countries, we support the next generation to become environmental leaders who will transform the future.

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Kasey Gaylord-Opalewski
2101 L Street NW
Washington D.C. 20037
United States

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Career Education
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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

“(The OurEcho Challenge) program is a key element in moving education in a direction that empowers students to apply what they are learning in school, and experience the interdisciplinary connections in a practical and purposeful way. This gives life to learning, and helps me as a teacher better connect with my students.” 
- OurEcho Challenge Mentor

“Being a part of the EarthEcho Water Challenge has not only highlighted the importance of taking care of our fresh water resources, but has provided our student leaders the opportunity to teach others, be connected directly to the forefront of water quality issues, and a platform to share our results with the planet. EarthEcho and its vast resources, network and their willingness to collaborate with our organization has been a significant component of our growth and success in delivering conservation leadership education.”  
- Casey Sokolovic, Founder, Love A Sea Turtle

“Just as water is the most vital resource we have in our bodies, it is the most vital resource we have in our communities: ubiquitous in countless forms. Monitoring water and preserving water quality is key to maintaining the health of a society.” 
- Gloria Li, EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council member

I feel more knowledge, confident and empowered to make a difference. I feel that the course has motivated me to be a better steward of this planet. I just want more. More videos, more activities, more discussions. It was all so engaging I found myself not wanting to do anything else." 
- Teacher and EarthEcho Academy Participant

“We all learned the value of what it meant to have clean water and what we can do collectively to keep our waterways clean. As we taught the students, they taught us." 
- Xylem Watermark Volunteer, Cheri Hinton on her experience leading students through the EarthEcho Water Challenge