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EarthEcho International is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that youth have the power to change our planet. Established by siblings Philippe and Alexandra Cousteau in honor of their father Philippe Cousteau Sr., and grandfather legendary explorer Jacques Yves Cousteau, our mission is to inspire young people worldwide to act now for a sustainable future.  

EarthEcho’s programs are developed for and by youth and the educators and community leaders that support them. All of our resources are designed to equip new generations of trailblazers and problem solvers to identify and tackle environmental challenges in their own communities and beyond. Our work is focused in three main action areas:

Inspire – EarthEcho’s STEMExplore highlights relatable voices and exciting life experiences to make careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) come alive. STEMExplore kindles youth interest in solving problems and becoming critical thinkers about the world around them. The program features a series of interactive videos profiling STEM experts and thought leaders from around the world meeting a critical need by fostering the next generation of STEM professionals.

Cultivate – EarthEcho Expeditions is an annual program that leverages the rich Cousteau legacy of exploration and discovery to bring STEM education alive for today’s 21st century learners and their educators. Grounded in current real-world issues, each Expedition combines adventure, exploration, and engaging teaching in order to provide students with the tools they need to address today’s increasingly complex and changing environment, starting in their own communities. Our efforts also reach youth directly. EarthEcho’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is comprised of 19 diverse leaders from across the country and Baghdad, Iraq, ages 15-22, each YLC member is an emerging trailblazer that has demonstrated an ability to engage and mobilize their peers and their communities to change the world. Through EarthEcho’s platforms, YLC members are empowered to develop programs and conduct outreach to youth around the world.

Activate - The EarthEcho Water Challenge is an international program that equips anyone to combat the global water crisis starting in their own communities. Through the simple actions of testing and sharing data about a community’s water, EarthEcho Water Challenge participants become part of a growing movement of 1.4 million citizens in 143 countries who are working to conserve and protect water resources around the globe.  


Programs by EarthEcho International

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Expedition: PlasticSeas Virtual Field Trip Ocean Plastics and You

Join EarthEcho International and Jenna Hartley from NC State University as we learn all about plastics in our oceans. Learn what impact they have, where they come from, and what you can do to help this global problem!


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STEMExplore Virtual Career Connection with a Biogeochemist and Coastal Ecologist

Join EarthEcho International for a STEM-tastic conversation about coastal ecology and biogeochemistry with Dr. Ashley Smyth, Assistant Professor, University of Florida. Dr. Ashley Smyth studies water quality and nutrient cycles in coastal habitats...


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STEMExplore Virtual Career Connection with a Conservation Manager

Join EarthEcho International for a STEM-tastic conversation about conservation management with Tyrah Cobb-Davis, Chesapeake Conservation Corps Member at Frederick County Office of Sustainability and Environmental Resources. She works specifically...


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STEMExplore Virtual Career Connection with a Marine Conservation Biologist

Join EarthEcho International for a STEM-tastic conversation about marine conservation and marine mammals with Brittany Novick, Marine Conservation Biologist, National Marine Mammal Foundation. Brittany is a marine conservation biologist for the...


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STEMExplore Virtual Career Connection with a Sea Turtle Specialist and Shark Biologist

Join EarthEcho International for a STEM-tastic conversation about sea turtle and shark biology and ecology with Carlee Jackson, Graduate Student and Sea Turtle Specialist, Nova Southeastern University and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Carlee Jackson...


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Awards, Quotes, Testimonials

“I have some fabulous data about the impact of the STEMExplore videos and reflection on my middle school students. My students overwhelmingly loved the videos. Many of them are now considering a STEM career highlighted in the videos.”  Susan Tate, Middle School teacher

“Being a part of the EarthEcho Water Challenge has not only highlighted the importance of taking care of our fresh water resources, but has provided our student leaders the opportunity to teach others, be connected directly to the forefront of water quality issues, and a platform to share our results with the planet. EarthEcho and its vast resources, network and their willingness to collaborate with our organization has been a significant component of our growth and success in delivering conservation leadership education.”  Casey Sokolovic, Founder, Love A Sea Turtle

“Just as water is the most vital resource we have in our bodies, it is the most vital resource we have in our communities: ubiquitous in countless forms. Monitoring water and preserving water quality is key to maintaining the health of a society.” Gloria Li, EarthEcho Youth Leadership Council member

“Living Lands & Waters is proud to partner with EarthEcho International by engaging its students in the Water Challenge! By using LaMotte water quality testing kits, students from around the Mississippi River Basin collect and analyze data on LL&W’s floating classroom. LL&W is excited for this partnership to bring more real world examples of water preservation into the classroom!” Meghan Elgan, Education Coordinator, Living Lands & Waters

“We all learned the value of what it meant to have clean water and what we can do collectively to keep our waterways clean. As we taught the students, they taught us." Xylem Watermark Volunteer, Cheri Hinton on her experience leading students through the EarthEcho Water Challenge