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Imagine the discoveries you will make as you explore Alaska’s natural world! The Bureau of Land Management Campbell Creek Science Center’s dynamic programs spark curiosity and build connections with nature for all learners. The Campbell Creek Science Center is located in Anchorage, Alaska and offers a perfect outdoor classroom where learning and science come to life. We offer outdoor education programs for children and adults.

The CCSC’s distance learning programs give K-12 students hands-on, minds-on experiences with the natural world through digital technology. Guided by skilled environmental educators, your students will interact with each other in fun, practical ways to investigate science and grow as a team.  

The CCSC’s online interpretive programs for adults, families, and children give you and your group the opportunity to explore the natural world through digital technology. Knowledgeable naturalists will help you discover Alaska’s geologic story, learn about the life under the snow, and more!

The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center engages all learners in outdoor experiences that increase appreciation, connection, and stewardship of Alaska’s public lands and natural resources. CILC access is generously provided by the Friends of Campbell Creek Science Center, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the educational programs and initiatives of the Center and addressing unmet science education needs of Alaskans. 

Explore the BLM Campbell Creek Science Center at www.blm.gov/ccsc.

Visit https://fccsc.wildapricot.org/ to learn about and donate to the Friends of the Campbell Creek Science Center.

When booking, include notes about any special needs your students may have in the “additional information for content provider to know” section. 

Typically, the school will host CCSC on your school’s distance learning platform (e.g., Zoom, Teams, Hangouts) and a teacher serves as the group facilitator. Please let CCSC know if there are any questions or issues with this and we will adapt. 




Programs by The BLM Campbell Creek Science Center

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Alaska Animals

What animals are found in Alaska? Where do they live? How do they survive? Students use reasoning and problem solving to discover why animals have different adaptations.  


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Beaks, Wings, and Feet

Calling all budding ornithologists! Activities will get students flapping their “wings” like a bird and exploring close-up views of beaks, wings, and feet. 


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Creekside Curiosities

See live macro-invertebrates through a microscope projected right onto the screen. Through science exploration, students use their own observations to understand the importance of macro-invertebrates and what they say about water quality.  


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Dynamic Glaciers

Discover how ice has changed Alaska over time. Learn how glaciers form, move, and carve out the landscape.


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Forest Ecology

Calling all forest explorers! Students discover the different parts of a tree by acting them out. Explore and document history by looking at tree rings


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Team Building

Get your students off to a great start through fundamentals of effective, student-led teamwork. 


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