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Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

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Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is a 42,000 acre site located in Northern California, 10 miles from Redding. We have diverse ecosystems ranging from oak scrubland to dense coniferous forests. Our elevation ranges from about 600 feet (200 meters) and climbs to over 6000 feet (2000 meters). This all creates an incredible location for a huge range in plants and wildlife and recreation opportunities. Whiskeytown's virtual programs serve the National Park Service mission by helping others enjoy these lands and by teaching about the unique ecosystems, geology and history. Join us in real time with a ranger to learn about Whiskeytown!

Please contact us if you have any questions about program topics or making programs accessible for all participants.

At this time our virtual programs are on rather limited due to limited staffing and moving into our summer visitation season. We look forward to hosting regular virtual programs again in September!


Programs by Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

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Adapt to survive: Howell's Alkali Grass - Free!

Endemic species provide an incredible look into adaptations of species. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is home to Howell's Alkali Grass, which exists in less than 2 acres of land and is found nowhere else on the planet. Come discover this...


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Ask a Ranger - Free!

In Ask A Ranger, students and participants will learn about Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, the National Park Service, and the many rangers at each site. Students prepare questions and send questions ahead of time. 


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Where's the Whiskey? Where's the town? - Free!

Join us as we explore all the unique parts of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. We'll dive through history to learn how the town of Whiskeytown came to be and what happened to the town.


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Whiskeytown and the Northern Diggins - Free!

In 1849 Whiskeytown become part of the California Gold Rush as thousands of people traveled to the Northern Diggins. Millions of dollars of gold and other attractive minerals were pulled from the earth by miners. Come discover how it started, who...


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Whiskeytown Rocks - Free!

Come explore the unique geology of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area. We will investigate our peculiar rocks, the hazards they create and how we use this information to plan for safety. 


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Why is Whiskeytown on fire? - Free!

Why is Whiskeytown on fire? Wildfires are found in many ecosystems all around the world. Fire has always been an important, natural and regular part of our local ecosystems. Together we will explore wildland fire in Whiskeytown and how it has...


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