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For more than 25 years The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee has provided an opportunity for elephants retired from performance and exhibition to live together in an expansive habitat that allows for a range of natural behaviors that contribute to their physical, social, psychological, and behavioral well-being. Nestled on more than 3000 acres in Hohenwald, TN, The Elephant Sanctuary is currently home to 9 Asian and African elephants. The Sanctuary's educators would love to tell your students all about our mission and the elephants that call The Sanctuary home.


Programs by The Elephant Sanctuary

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An Elephants Journey to Tennessee (FREE)

Did you know Hohenwald, TN is home to elephants? Roaming freely on more than 3000 acres in rural Tennessee, 10 elephants retired from zoos and circuses call The Elephant Sanctuary home. How does an elephant end up at The Sanctuary? How do you care...


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Are You Like an Elephant? (FREE)

E is for elephant! Let us join your early learners, preK or kindergarten class to talk about why elephants wouldn't make great pets (hint: it's because they eat A LOT). We'll also help get those wiggles out as we flap our elephant ears and stretch...


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Designed to Thrive: Elephant Adaptations (FREE)

Elephants are the perfect species to teach your students about adaptations. Do you know why elephants have such large ears? Or what their trunk is used for? And why is their skin so wrinkly? Connect with us to learn about the unique adaptations of...


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Ele Family (FREE)

Elephants are a great tool to learn about what makes a mammal and inheritable traits. Follow an elephant calf as it grows into an adult to learn about what elephants eat, their social structure, and learned behaviors. Connect with us to experience...


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"Thank you so much for speaking with my class today. They stayed on the call for 20 minutes after you left talking about elephants and what they learned. They are in hihg school - you don't know how rare that is for them."

Carrie NItchoff, high school science teacher from Colorado